Rayman DS

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File Name: 0047 - Rayman DS (U)(Brassteroid Team).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Platformer
Filesize: 14.32MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1999
Downloads: 10092

Rayman DS ROM Download for NDS


It is a side-scrolling video game that follows the adventures of Rayman. Rayman DS is a port of Rayman 2 that was released in March 2005. The game is almost identical, only that it now contains a new, optional method of control. The game takes place in the world known as Glade of Dreams. The plot revolves around the land invasion by an army of Robo-pirates, controlled by Admiral Razorbeard. Before the invasion of Glade of Dreams, the Robo-pirates have destroyed around a hundred planets and enslaved their inhabitants. Rayman, Globox, and other battles against the pirates try to stop them from invading their homeland. Rayman DS combines 2D and 3D gameplay concepts. Rayman has a healthy collection of abilities. He can jump, walk, run, helicopter in mid-air, and shoot spurts of energy from his fists. In addition to his skills, Rayman can also interact with geographical features and many objects. If the player jumps towards the ledge, Rayman grabs it with his hands; if he lands in a pool of water, Rayman can dive down and swim. The player explores the levels, gets into fistfights, collects the orbs; there's so much to do in this game. 

Game Plot

An army of Robo-pirates takes over the planet and captures Rayman and his friends. The game begins with Rayman and all his friends locked up. Rayan's friend Globox helps Rayman bust out of his cell and tells him that the only way to beat Razorbeard and free everyone is to collect the 1,000 Lums of the broken Heart of the World. The Rayman also has to collect the four ancient masks that will awaken Polokus, a powerful god. It's all up to Rayman to collect these lums and the legendary Masks, defeat the Robo-Pirates and liberate the world.

Best Emulator for Rayman

This Rayman game is the DS port of the Rayman 2, so you will need an NDS emulator to run this on your device. From all the options available, we get you the best of them that you can use. The first and foremost DS emulator is DuoS; it is simple to use and almost has zero bugs. The next emulator you can use is IDeaS; it gives an impressive performance and smoothly runs the NDS games. DeSmuMe is one of the most solid NDS emulators, which is entirely free to use.

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