New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario is probably the most popular platform game for Nintendo. At the end of every level, you have the boss that you need to defeat.

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New Super Mario Bros Download for Nintendo Wii


New Super Mario Bros has made certain new advancements and changes in the gameplay, which would benefit any player who has played the previous version of this game. Developed by Nintendo EAD, this game was launched in 2009. This game has received very positive reviews from the critics and numerous players who had played this game. Critics appreciated the game for its cooperative approach in the multiplayer gameplay as well as the level of difficulty. Chad Concelmo from Destructoid praised this game for its unique approach to the combat system, creative gameplay, and an engaging multiplayer mode providing the game a score of 9.5/10.


Game Plot


The game's environment and platform are based on a 2D background, whereas the gameplay characters of the game are 3D based. When you play the game's single-player mode, you begin playing the gameplay as Mario. As Mario, you must complete several missions and avoid obstacles to move ahead in the game. Several characters in the game include Mario, Yellow toad, Luigi, and Blue Toad. You are required to rescue princess Peach, who has been abducted by Bowser Jr and Koopalings and kept in a castle. To reach this castle and rescue princess peach, you need to travel through various game regions and complete tasks and missions. Besides Bowser Jr, it would help if you also defeated Kamek and numerous Koopalings that come in your way.




You can jump, run, interact with the surroundings of the game and perform various moves and attacks in the game. With the help of Wii control, you can perform different types of kicks, pick up objects and throw them in a particular direction. There is also a Multiplayer gameplay mode in which at a time, four players can play this game, and you can choose from four characters in the game. Some phases have an additional mystery objective, which, when reached, opens an elective way for a player, for example, a gun prompting a later world. Each world contains two manager levels — a halfway post and a mansion toward the apocalypse — where the player fights one of the seven Koopalings. World 4 and World 6 additionally have a third Airship supervisor levels, where the player must fight Bowser Jr. to advance to the following world. Notwithstanding levels, there are likewise "Frog Houses" dissipated over the guide in which the player can play a short minigame to procure additional lives or things prepared from the guide screen.


Map screens regularly have foes wandering in certain devoted zones, which, when experienced, start a "small chief" battle that consistently grants the player three mushrooms. A Toad will seem caught in one of the recently finished levels at specific focuses, and the player can decide to save him from a square and convey him securely to the furthest limit of the stage to open an additional Toad House. Every course contains three Star Coins, which is spread in difficult-to-reach areas. These are spent on hint films that hotshot tips and deceives for the game, including insider facts and techniques for discovering more Star Coins and gathering lives.


Best Emulator for New Super Mario Bros


New Super Mario Bros initially released for the Nintendo Wii console. To play it on Pc, one needs an emulator. The most preferred emulator is Dolphin 5.0. 

There are many advantages available to you with the Wii emulator, such as you can run various commercial games on your system and enjoy high-resolution graphics on the screen. You can invite several friends to play any game with you if the game has a multiplayer mode, and you can also communicate with them. Some Wii emulators for different operating systems are Dolphin, Dolwin, SuperGCube, WhineCube, etc.


The features of Dolphin 5.0 are


Similar Games


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    The gameplay character's health system in this game is very much like the previous versions of Mario. Whenever an enemy harms Mario, his health depletes. With an open-world platform and many levels to play, you would be continuously engaged with this game.

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