Pokemon Platinum

In this game, you can choose a male or female character and you can select one of three pokemon Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup given by Professor Rowan , then you start your journey to become the best Pokemon trainer.

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File Name: 3541 - Pokemon Platinum Version (US)(XenoPhobia).7z
Console/System: NDS
Genre: Role-Playing
Filesize: 21.79MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 2008
Downloads: 237563

Pokemon Platinum ROM Download for NDS

Pokemon Platinum Version is an upgraded version of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearly which is developed by Game Freak. The game comes under the part of the fourth generation of the Pokemon video games series. Additionally, the Pokemon Platinum Version intended by the developers to make a more powerful version of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. 
All Pokemon have hit points, and when a Pokemon's hit point reduces to zero, it faints and cannot battle unless restored with a Pokemon skill or an item. Moreover, the players can use a move, item, switch an active Pokemon or even fly during the battles. 
Pokemon Platinum Version has many additional highlights which include the feature of the Underground mode, where the players can dig for spheres and Fossils. It also contains a wrist-watch like a device known as Poketch. This watch shows the applications such as drawing pad, calculator, map and a counter. 

Best Emulator for Pokemon Platinum Version ROM

The Pokemon Platinum Version needs a Nintendo DS emulator installed and downloaded in your device in order to play the game. There are few more amazing Nintendo DS emulators for Windows PC like DeSmuMe; which is high compatibility, MelonDS; which has high performance at increased resolutions and accuracy.  
For MAC users Retro Arch and OpenEmu are the best emulators.

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