Harvest Moon - Animal Parade

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File Name: Harvest Moon - Animal Parade [RBIEE9].7z
Console/System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Role Playing
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2008
Downloads: 1751

Harvest Moon - Animal Parade ROM Download for Nintendo Wii


Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is a cultivating reproduction pretending game by Marvelous Entertainment launched for Nintendo's Wii comfort. It is the second title for the Wii in the series and has similar characters as Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

This game highlights numerous creatures, all of which the player can ride, including carnival animals. It is likewise the last passage in the series to be delivered by its maker named Yasuhiro Wada.


Game Plot

The player starts on the island of Castanet and finds that an excellent tree which once remained in the Harvest Goddess' lake has started to debilitate. The animals are starting to leave the island, and the five chimes have lost their capacity. Just the strength of the Harvest King can resuscitate the earth and resurrect the tree, however he is mysteriously absent. The player must ring the five chimes, take the Harvest King back to the island, and help resuscitate the Goddess' Tree, while simultaneously running a large ranch estate. The player must also develop and offer their harvests to bring in cash to purchase things and outfit their farmhouse.


Best Emulator for Harvest Moon: Animal Parade


One can smoothly download the Harvest Moon – Animal Parade while using the Dolphin game emulator. This emulator released in September 2003 as a Wii emulator that will help download and run most commercial games. This emulator is very highly compatible as it does not require a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). Dolphin emulator is one of the best in top-performing Wii emulators used today. Since it is free and open-source software, you won't see any promotions in its User Interface. Under this emulator, players can join servers where multiple games can be played with many other unique features.


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