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File Name: Punch-Out! [R7PE01].7z.001
Console/System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Sports
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2009
Downloads: 9477

Punch-Out ROM Download for Nintendo Wii

Punch-out, originally known as Mike Tyson's punchout, is a boxing video game under the sports category for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES) that was developed and published in the year 1987 and is highly publicized; many publications out there have stated it as one of the best video games of all time.

Punch-Out is a famous boxing video game which is developed by Next Level Games for the Wii. In the series of the Super Punch-Out, this one is the fifth main game in Nintendo's Punch-Out. They are additionally providing a reboot to the Punch-Out series. 

Punch-Out features a boxer named Little Mac, who has professional boxing techniques, along with a series of more colourful and intimidating fictional fighters to make it more fun and exciting. The opponents on the games might be from the previous Punch-out match, aside from a few new opponents.

New opponents feature Disco Kid, Giga Mac, and Donkey Kong. The rest classic boxers are from the original game, as well as two from Super Punch-Out.

Game Plot

Here, the player must climb the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association, and this is what makes the player competitive. The player can attack with his fists, at the head or the body, and dodge away. The key to winning each competitor is to study their fighting patterns, dodge their attacks and respond with a counter-attack.


In the game, glass Joe from France and thirsty soda Kopinski from Russia get their super strength from a bottle of "carbonated beverage".New opponents feature Disco kid, Giga Mac, and Donkey Kong. Punch out is all about counter-attacking and dodging out of the way to put him off guard for a flurry of job jabs and body blows.

Each of the 13 fighters has his style of fighting and attack patterns, and through trial and error, you learn how best to approach the different jabs, roundhouses, and uppercuts.Each fighter in the rankings gets increasingly faster and stronger with wilder tricks up their sleeves. By the time you get to the world circuit, each victory feels like a mission well accomplished and a satisfying conclusion to all that control and determination.

Features of Punch-Out:

  1. This is the first and currently the only game to have most foreign characters speak different languages besides English.
  2. This is the first game in the punch out series in 15 years when super punch out was released.
  3. This is one of the first five games to have a multiplayer mode.

Best Emulator for Punch-out

To play this game on PC, you need to have an emulator which can help you play Nintendo Wii games on your Windows, macOS or Linux. One of the best emulators which you can take into use is the Dolphin Emulator.

Dolphin emulator is a version of the excellent Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator for Windows. The category of the simulator is arcade. It provides more than 35 languages. Dolphin emulator has a game capability that is much more limited than the one available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you to configure practically any aspect of the program. You can enable the dual-core option for devices that are supported and even connect a controller to the device and configure that too.

Download Dolphin Emulator

  1. Visit https://dolphin-emu.org/ , the emulator's official website.
  2. Click on the "Download Dolphin 5.0-13014 for Windows, Mac and Linux" button.
  3. Download the latest version, and choose your platform to download the software.
  4. Your download would automatically begin; wait for the download to complete.
  5. Setup your emulator and download the game file from your browser. You can download it at https://romsmania.cc/roms/nintendo-wii/punch-out-241945.
  6. Load the game in the emulator, and there you go, enjoy gaming! 


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  3. Super Punch-Out: In Super Punch-Out, the player can control the boxer, Little Mac, as he fights using his skills to become the World Boxing Champion. Players can launch punches, tools, and uppercuts against their opponents as well as block, dodge, and duck opponents' attacks. 

  4. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out: Mike Tyson was a Heavyweight Champion, and this game was the previous version of Punch-Out. Later replaced Mike Tyson with a fictional character named Mr Dream. 

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