Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII

File Name:Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (USA).zip
Year of release:2007

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII ROM Download for PSP


One of the most exciting and entertaining action role play games, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was initially launched in 2007 for the Sony PlayStation. Developed and published by Square Enix, this game is a prequel to 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII. The main focus of this game is on Zack Fair who is a member of an organization known as “SOLDIER”. Zack Fair is assigned for the task of finding the missing Genesis Rhapsodos. 


Game Plot


The story of the game involves the player in a war between the people of Wutai and the megacorporation Shinra to the events occurring in Nibelheim. Crisis Core starts 7 years before the incidents of Final Fantasy VII, and many characters from that game and other related works appear. The main characters in this game are either from the SOLDIER army or from the Turks. Zack's uniqueness in its potential in the battle is set by what equipment he currently has equipped. Crisis Core utilizes a slot-machine to create an impact on the combat system.

As the player is completing the assigned mission successfully, the player is rewarded with beneficial things, and often new missions get unlocked. No matter if the player is successful in the mission or not, upon completion of a particular mission, Zack is returned to the save point in the main game.


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