Warriors, The (E)

File Name:Warriors, The (Europe) (v1.02).zip
Genre:Beat 'em up
Year of release:2005

Warriors, the (E) ROM Download for PSP

It is a beat 'em up video game released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, based on the same name's film. Later a port was developed for the PSP. The game revolves around large-scale brawling along with activities like chasing. The game takes place in New York City in 1979 and follows a street gang known as the Warriors. They have been accused of a murder which they didn't commit. The game features strong language, violence, sexual themes etc., that's why it has a mature rating.




In the game, there is a collection of levels collectively known as Missions. There are a total of 18 missions and five bonus missions called Flashbacks. These flashbacks show the gang's background as to how it was formed and each member's backstory. The setting of the game is Coney Island. For missions, players do go to other gangs' territories. Tasks and events begin at the Coney Island headquarters. The player travels to Tremont, where the gang faces other gangs such as the Orphans and Riverside Park, where the Warriors come face to face with Baseball Furies. There is also a multiplayer-type game mode where the player plays any character and creates his brawling matches. After the completion of the missions, the player can unlock more characters. This game on PSP delivers solid fighting, a fantastic story, and some great brawling.


Game Plot 


The game focuses on a Coney Island street gang known as the Warriors. The warriors build a good reputation when they confront the Orphans, Destroyers, corrupt police officers, etc. The Gramercy Riffs gang leader Cyrus decides to meet and unit both the gangs. When the truce happens between the two teams, everybody welcomed the idea. Then, Rogues leader Luther shot Cyrus and framed Warriors for the murder. The Gramercy Riffs decides to get rid of the Warriors. The warriors encounter the Orphans and the police, who all are against them. While fleeing from the law, the three Warriors: Rembrandt, Cochise, and Vermin, gets on a train. The rest of the warriors faces Baseball Furies and defeat them. Eventually, Luther admits to the murder, resulting in a one-one battle with him where the player has to defeat him and drain his life. 


Best Emulator for The Warrior

To play this game, you can use PSSPP, the original PSP emulator that runs on Windows, Android, and Linux. It has features like autosave game progress, load, and saves game states. The PSP emulator that you can download is JPCSP. It is a Java-Based PSP emulator that runs fast and also supports game Cheats and controller mapping. If you want an emulator specifically for android, then you can use the Rapid emulator. This emulator runs the game without any glitches and support game controllers.

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