Spider-Man 3

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File Name: Spider-Man 3 (USA) (v1.02).zip
Console/System: PSP
Genre: Action
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 2007
Downloads: 376820

Spider-Man 3 ROM Download for PSP

In Spider-Man 3, you would witness Spiderman in his iconic black suit. Developed by Vicarious visions, Treyarch, and Beenox, this game initially launched in 2007. It is an open-world game that offers both action and adventure to the player. Spider-Man 3 game includes many characters that have been added to the game, which are taken from the Spider-Man 3 franchise. The three main villains of the game or three main antagonists are Venom, New Goblin, and Sandman. Other than these villains, there are also other villains like kingpin, Scorpion, and Lizard, which can be found in different parts of the game.




Missions in the game are set in a non-random manner, which you require to complete to move ahead in the game. You can decide the order of your missions in the game. You can fight with enemies using various attacks and combos where the gameplay character Spiderman can crawl on walls and even swing webs. The player can even access the subway, which you can use to roam around the city; also, you can get access to the Symbiote black suit after completing some story mission in the game. The Symbiote suit is non-removable once you wear it and can only be removed once you have reached close to the end of the game.

Reviews given to this game by various critics and websites have been generally positive and good. The portable version of this game offers a short gameplay story, due to which it has received some criticism from some people. Also, this version has inferior graphics. The Wii version of this game has proven to be the most loved version of this game by the people as its gameplay consists of remote and Nunchuck usage.



Best Emulator for Spider-Man 3


PSP emulators for different operating systems differ, but generally, they have the same functions. To potentially enjoy Spider-Man 3 gameplay, you need an ideal PSP emulator. There are many functions that a PSP emulator has like: improvements in the performance of the game permits high resolution with the help of Cardboard VR, compatibility with multiple gaming consoles, etc. For different operating systems like Windows, Android, etc., you can use emulators like JPCSP, PPSSPP, RetroArch, etc.


Similar Games

  1. Spider-Man Web of Shadows- This game offers both adventure and action. Players in this game can use various attributes, including swinging webs, crawling on walls, and roaming around the city freely. The gameplay of this game is very much like Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3.

  2. Amazing Spiderman 2- In this game, Peter Parker loses his uncle, after which he acquires special powers. Spiderman in this game is required to defeat enemies like Kingpin, Russian Mafia, and Harry Osborn, which takes up the new Goblin's role.

  3. Marvel's Spiderman- There has been a significant improvement in this game in the web-slinging capabilities of Spider-Man. Enhanced performance and graphics make this game much more playable and loved.



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