Crash Bandicoot

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File Name: Crash Bandicoot [NTSC-U] [SCUS-94900].rar
Console/System: PSX
Genre: Sports
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
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Crash Bandicoot ROM Download for PSX

It is a platform video game released in 1996 by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. It is the first title in the Crash Bandicoot game series in which the titular character goes against the villain Doctor Neo Cortex and henchman Dr Nitrus Brio. The story follows Crash as he tries to stop Cortex's and Brio's plans to dominate the world and rescue his girlfriend Tawna. Doctor Cortex has created an Evolvo Ray that transforms the animals into super animals and brainwashes them to join his army. He converts many animals, including Tawna and Crash, but Crash didn't get brainwashed, so Cortex throws him in the ocean. After Crash wakes up on an island, he decides to save Tawna. This game is a 3D platformer, and the primary objective is to reach the warp zone at the end of every level. The Crash can only take one hit till he dies, but the voodoo mask Aku Aku provides him with an extra impact. If he collects 100 fruits, then he gets a free life. The occasional bosses add even more variety to the game. Papu Papu is a big-bellied man who swings his scepter around; Ripper Roo is a mentally broken kangaroo; Koala Kong is a strong Koala who rocks and much more. It's a challenging game but then what the fun is in easy? Right! Crash became a worldwide sensation and was a success, and even today, he's still the gaming icon of the PlayStation. 

Game Plot

Dr. Neo Cortex and his assistant, Dr. Nitrus Brio, uses a device known as the Evolvo-Ray to transform the various animals into beasts with high intelligence and superhuman strength. The crash was unaltered, so he escapes from the window and falls into the ocean. He wakes up on a small island beach and vows to defeat the doctor and rescue his girlfriend Tawna, captured by Cortex and aided by the spirit guardian Aku Aku Crash ventures into his adventure. Crash passes through the islands and defeats a hostile tribal chief Papu Papu, kangaroo Ripper Roo, the Koala Kong, and the gangster Pinstripe Potoroo. In the Cortex lab, he faces Brio, who drinks the chemical to mutate into a monster. Crash defeats him and goes on to meet Cortex, and eventually beats him. Crash and Tawna escape the burning castle on Cortex's airship.


Best Emulator for Crash Bandicoot

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