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File Name: Tekken 3 (E) [SCES-01237].rar
Console/System: PSX
Genre: Action
Filesize: unknown
Region: USA
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 48921

Tekken 3 ROM Download for PSX


Tekken 3 is another addition to the Tekken series when it comes to games based on fighting. Developed by Namco, this game was released in 1997, whereas the PlayStation version was released in 1998. There are some features like in Tekken 1 and Tekken 2, but Tekken 3 has been able to establish itself as the most fantastic game in the Tekken series and has 23 characters in the game. The arcade fighting system of this game has been improved and offers much faster action and gameplay the characters' reaction. When it comes to Arcade games, Tekken 3 has already won the title of the most successful arcade game of the year in the issue of Game Machine. On the list of PlayStation games, this game has secured the position of number 2. Under EGM'S revised review scale, this game has been given 10, which is the highest score any game gets.




The gameplay of this game offers a much better experience to the players than previous versions as gameplay characters can now move in a three-dimensional axis. Fighters in this game can directly jump up to a higher height providing more space for performing various moves. Instead of other games of Tekken where you would require a lot of time to recover from a knockdown, Tekken 3 offers speedy recovery and also provides many new attacks and moves to the players. The player's tackling ability is increased, due to which you can now dodge various moves of your opponent and save your health. Also, there is a mini-game mode in Tekken 3, which is known as Tekken Force. This mode involves various stages in which the player has to fight.



Best Emulator for Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is an action-based fighting game that requires quick interaction of the player with the game's gameplay. To achieve this immediate interaction, there is no better emulator than PSX. Whether you want to play Tekken 3 or any other game of the same type on your laptop, PC, smartphone, or any other device, you can do so with the PSX emulator as it supports different kinds of consoles. Save the progress of your game whenever you want and enjoy high compatibility with the PSX emulator. Depending upon your choice of an operating system, you can choose your PSX emulator, for example- Windows: RetroArch, BizHawk Android: ClassicBoy, EmuBox Mac: OpenEmu, PCSX Linux: PCSXR.


Similar Games

  1. Tekken 2- With a total of 25 fighters in this game, there are ten gameplay characters that you can play. The background of this game is mostly based on a 2D platform. There are four necessary buttons involved in the gameplay of the game. These buttons are left punch, left kick, right punch, and right kick.

  2. Tekken 4- Major improvements have been made in this game where the gameplay characters can now interact with the game's surroundings, which includes obstacles and walls. There are several characters in the game taken from the previous versions of Tekken. A total of 23 characters are present in Tekken 4.

  3. Tekken 5- Tekken 5 brings to the table much-improved graphics, a better fighting system, and many characters from the previous Tekken series. Also, there is a new system in the game known as the crush system. This system affects the players' vulnerability when they attack.


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