Another version from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, with Sonic on a new mission to Never Lake with a goal collect some more gold rings and defeat new robot bosses.

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File Name: Sonic CD (U).zip
Console/System: Sega CD
Genre: Platform
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1993
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Sonic CD ROM Download for Sega CD 


If you love playing platform games and have not played anything other than Mario, we can offer. All platform game lovers must check out Sonic CD. 




In the game, Sonic the Hedgehog is controlled by the player as he tries to stop Doctor Robotnik, the antagonist of the game, from obtaining the magical Time Stones and conquering Little Planet. Sonic the Hedgehog has the power to destroy enemies and objects like walls by rolling into a ball and collecting rings as a form of health. He can do a "spin dash" and a "super peel-out" to increase his speed. Sonic Cd is divided into seven levels, which are called rounds. Each round is divided into three zones. In the third Zone, the player will indulge in a boss fight with Robotnik. 



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To play the ROM of Sonic CD on PC, the user must have a console and an emulator to run it. The console required for this particular game is Sega CD, and download the corresponding emulator as well.


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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    This is the early instalment of Sonic CD and must be checked out once if you like playing Sonic CD. The player controls the main character, Sonic, who wants to defeat an evil scientist, namely Dr Robotnik. The game's main objective is to collect rings as a form of health and have a simple control scheme, i.e., for jumping and attacking, press one button.

  2. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
    Because it was released later, the graphics and sounds are advanced in comparison to other games. The player will control Sonic, Shadow, and a new character named Silver, who will battle Solaris. Each character has its unique ability, which makes the game more exciting to play.

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    The game continues the story from the crash-landing of Doctor Robotnik's spaceship on a mysterious floating island. There Sonic and Tails will try retrieving the Chaos Emeralds from relaunching. The player can control both Sonic and tails.


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