Nights Into Dreams (U)

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Console/System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Action
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
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Nights Into Dreams (U) ROM Download for Sega Saturn



Nights Into Dreams (U), released in the USA in the year 1996, is an action video game, which is in the NiGHTS series. Sonic Team developed the game, and Sega published it for the Sega Saturn. The game revolves around Claris Sinclair and Elliot Edwards, who go inside Nightopia, a dream world where all dreams occur. Along with Nights' help, who is an exiled "Nightmaren," the characters start their quest to prevent the evil ruler Wizeman who was planning to destroy Nightopia and the real world. 




The players take control of the Nights, flying through Clarisand Elliot's dreams, to accumulate enough energy to conquer Wizeman and protect Nightopia. The gameplay splits into seven different levels, which is referred to as Dreams. The player earns points depending on how fast they can complete a level, and they even get more points when the player flies by rings. Additionally, each level in the game again splits up into four Mares, set in Nightopia, along with a boss fight, which will be held at Nightmare. In each level, the players either control Elliot or Claris, who quickly have their Ideyas, which are spherical items that contain emotions. 


Best Emulator for Nights Into Dreams (U) ROM



To play Nights Into Dreams (U) ROM on your device, you first need an emulator that supports the game. In the case of this game, you need to download and install the Sega Saturn emulator on your device. It is a home video game console that has an excellent quality, and you can run them on MAC OS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and PSD. A few of the best Sega Saturn emulators include Nova, MAME, Yabause, and SSF.



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