Radiant Silvergun (J)

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File Name: Radiant Silvergun (J)(Saturn).zip
Console/System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Action
Filesize: unknown
Region: Japan
Year of release: 1998
Downloads: 644

Radiant Silvergun (J) ROM Download for Sega Saturn


Developed by Treasure this game was released in 1998 in Japan. For those who are a fan of shooting games, this game will be very fulfilling for them. In this game, you play a pilot's character for one of the teams of starfighters of the galaxy the Radiant Silvergun, a very lethal team. You and your crew are required to travel through various periods in search of a creature known as Origin responsible for damaging the structure of space and time. You can destroy the enemies at a close distance with the help of various attacks and a sword.



When you start your gaming journey in this game, then you are given choices in different weapons. There are a total of three weapons which you can choose from which include: versatile homing projectiles, basic forward-firing short and a weapon which shoots two powerful lasers at a far range known as spread gun. But you are limited to these weapons as mentioned above as by combining these weapons you would get three new weapons with which you can harm your enemy. The aircraft you use is also equipped with a sword, which helps destroy and defeat enemies close to you. This sword can be swung in various directions and can also be used to perform more powerful attacks after absorbing hits.

This game has bagged the title of being the fifth most popular game in Japan in the arcade category. The game has received applause and appreciation for its core focus in providing an excellent shooting platform experience. Visuals used in this game to display characters and the entire surroundings of the game have been widely appreciated by the critics stating that this game has shown some of the finest technical elements. Sega Saturn Magazine praised the game for using a mix between 2D and 3D graphics giving the game a unique look and performance.


Which Emulator for Radiant Silvergun (J)

Playing Radiant Silvergun on an emulator like Sega SaturnSis a plus point. This emulator is an open-source project that means as time passes this emulator would only improve rather than deliver consistent performance. Compatibility wise this emulator offers up to about 70% compatibility rate which means almost every game played on this emulator will perform without any glitches or interruptions. There are many Sega Saturn emulators which you can use for different operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. Some of Sega Saturn emulators are Mednafen, SSF, Kronos, Yabause, Mame, etc.



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