Sonic 3D Blast (U)

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File Name: Sonic 3D Blast (U)(Saturn).zip
Console/System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Platform
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1996
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Sonic 3D Blast (U) ROM Download for Sega Saturn 

It is a platform video game in the Sonic series for the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn launched in 1996. The user sets out on a journey to save the Flickies, birds enslaved by Doctor Robotnik. The player must guide Sonic through the themed levels to gather Flickies and defeat Robotnik. Even though it holds game mechanics from earlier Sonic games, Sonic 3D Blast is separated by its isometric perspective, with pre-launched 3D models converted into sprites.


Game Plot


Sonic holds a large portion of his abilities from earlier games: he can hop and turn in mid-air to defeat robots, play out a spin run on the ground to pick up speed, and collect rings in the form of health. Sonic can also gather powerful objects, for example, natural shields, speed shoes, or strength, by breaking TV screens containing them. 

According to the review aggregator GameRankings, Sonic 3D Blast got mixed response. Mike Wallis, a representative of Sega at that time, revealed in a meeting that the Genesis version was successful for the company, at last selling more than 700,000 copies. The Saturn version was also a great success and was one of the framework's better-selling games, as per Wallis.


Best Emulator for Sonic 3D Blast (U)


Sega Saturn is one of the most challenging gaming consoles to emulate. But with open-source emulators like Mednafen, it becomes effortless to emulate this gaming console. This emulator comes with an original Saturn core and thus, it is the most accurate emulator used for running Sega Saturn games like Sonic 3D Blast on various other platforms. It supports BIOS and uses a quad-core Intel Haswell CPU which helps the game in running efficiently on different devices. Other emulators that can be used to run games for the Sega Saturn gaming console are Yabause, Kronos, and SSF.


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