Contra III - The Alien Wars

In the previous game of contra where aliens invaders where defeated in this version aliens lunch new attack called Alien Wars to conquer and defeat the humans on earth.

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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1992
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Contra III - The Alien Wars ROM Download for SNES


Contra III - The Alien Wars, released in the year 1992, is a run and gun video game, comes under the third home console game in the Contra series. Konami developed and published the game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game features a more cinematic soundtrack, tighter stage design, and more comical elements than its previous version. In PAL regions, the game was retitled, and all the playable characters were replaced with robots. 



The player takes control of Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, and they have to fight against the alien attack on Earth. The players can play the game in either a single-player or a two-player cooperative mode. There are six stages in the game, where four are side-scrolling while the other two are performed in an overhead perspective by using the seven rendering modes in Super NES Mode. In the side-scrolling stages, the player proceeds by shooting at enemies, running, and jumping. Whereas, in the game's overhead stages, the player navigates across levels to destroy and find the predetermined targets. Also, players will lose their life after falling in a pit, touching enemies, or their bullets. 



Best Emulators for Contra III - The Alien Wars ROM



To play the Contra III - The Alien Wars ROM, you have to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator on your device. A few of the best Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can run on your device include NES.emu, BESNES, Nestopia UE, JOHN NES, higan, RetroArch, OpenEmu, and SNES9X. Among these Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators, you can run RetroArch on all platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Web, Android, and MAC OS. 



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  1. Contra 
    It is a run and gun video game, where the game is set in the future year of 2633 A.D. The main protagonists, two commandos of the Earth Marine Corps Contra unit named Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, are transferred to the island and assigned to destroy the enemy forces. They strive to discover and uncover the true nature of the alien beings who are controlling them. Also, the default weapon of the player is a rifle with unlimited ammunition. The player can later upgrade the weapon into one of four other guns. 

  2. Contra: Shattered Soldier
    It is a run and gun video game and is a sequel to the Contra: Hard Corps. The abilities and controls in the gameplay are similar to those featured in Contra III: The Alien Wars. The game additionally introduces a "Hit rate" system. It measures the number of enemies that are destroyed as a mode of performance metric. 

  3. Neo Contra
    Neo Contra comes under the tenth game in the Contra series and is also a run and gun video game with three dimensions. Here, the player cannot jump, and instead of that, they have two new defensive moves; dash and spin, which enables them to avoid enemies in a new dimension. 


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