Doom is a game where you can navigate a player thru the streets and kill the zombies. With the money, you earn you can upgrade your weapon.

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File Name: Doom (USA).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Shooter
Filesize: 1.29MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1993
Downloads: 15009

Doom ROM Download for SNES

Doom is a first-person shooter game released in 1994 and developed by id Software. In this game, players take the role of a space marine and fight their way through demons coming from Hell. You have to face invading spectres and onslaught of devils that populate the underworld. It's one heck of a game where you'll have to find your way through twenty levels of monster crowded Hell. To win this game, you will require both the killing instinct and brainpower. Just take your gun and get ready for an action-packed adventure.


You are one of Earth's most challenging, strongest, braveheart, tough in combat and skilled in action, space Marine. Three years ago, you were sent to Mars, the home of the Union Aerospace Corporation, for assaulting your senior officer who had ordered the soldiers to fire upon the citizens. The UAC, a multi-planetary corporation with radioactive waste facilities on Mars has two moons, Deimos and Phobos. The military is using remote places on Phobos and Deimos to conduct several secret projects as well as a research on inter-dimension space travel. It is, therefore, the UACs biggest supplier. Till now they have succeeded in opening a gateway between Phobos and Deimos. But this gateway is immensely unstable as many military people who volunteered for this experiment, either went missing or became insane. Suddenly, Deimos also disappears from the sky, and all attempts to establish contact with them fails. You, along with your friends, are sent to Phobos to investigate. Your friends go inside, and you have to secure the area. For many hours, you will hear the sounds of combat: screams, guns firing, men yelling orders and then, utter silence. It seems like things aren't right. So now, you are on your own with only a pistol in hand to unravel the mystery and thus, the will adventure begin. 

Features of the game

  1. Hardcore gameplay 
    Newcomers and veterans will find a game mode to test their skills. In the story campaign, you'll be challenging demons. You can play this in multiplayer. In the campaign mission, you'll have a vast collection of guns both, classic and new. The weapons have specific powers and weaknesses against different demons.

  2. Glory kills
    There is glory kill whenever your openenet becomes weak and then you can kill him with a devastating move. You will get extra rewards like ammo and health boost.

  3.  Create your stage  
    You can create your stages with the help of SnapMap. SnapMap is user-friendly level editor of Doom. You can create a custom map, put items, and can customize the game logic. You can even share your progress with your friends.

Best Emulator for Doom

To play this game on your device, you need to download SNES( super Nintendo entertainment system) emulator. For Windows, Mac and android you can opt for RetroArch as it's a cross-platform emulator. You can also use SNES for windows. It's a portable emulator that allows you to play most of the Nintendo games. For Mac, you can try bsnes; it focuses more on precision and accuracy.

Similar Games

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    The story begins with an introduction focusing around a time when four evil Sinistrals named Daos, Amon, Gades snd Erim plan on spreading chaos, evil and terror throughout the world. The heroes enter into the Fortress of Doom to defeat the evil Sinistrals and eventually succeed. This game is available for SNES.

  2. Doom troopers
    Doom Troopers released in 1995 Entertainment for the Super NES. It is similar to the Contra series where the player assumes the role of one of the two commandos and fight the evils zombies. There are a total of eight levels which the player has to clear.

  3. Doom 2
    Demons have attacked the Earth. All the major cities are in ruins, and humans are escaping to the starport, but the evil has surrounded them. The Marine helps the survivors to flee. He fights through the wasted city. After finding the portal to Hell, he confronts the source of the hellspawn, a gigantic demon. The game is available for the game boy advance platform. 






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