Lion King

The game is based on the movie Lion King. You have two chapters of the game, in the first one you control Simba like a child and in the second one you play Simba like an adult.

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File Name: Lion King, The (USA).zip
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Year of release: 1994
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Lion King ROM Download for SNES


Designed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for SNES gaming console platform in 1994, Lion King is an adventurous video game based on Disney's animated film on the same story and genre. The game follows Simba's excursion from a youthful fledgling to the fight with his insidious uncle Scar as a grown-up. Westwood Studios built up the game for SNES, Genesis and Amiga. The enhancement of ports for different stages moved operations to various studios.

East Point Software ported the game to MS-DOS, adding upgraded music and audio effects. Syrox Developments created The Sega Master System and Game Gear adaptations. In contrast, Dark Technologies created the NES and Game Boy forms. All through the game, the player can gather several sorts of bugs to help them through the game.

A few bugs re-establish Simba's wellbeing and thunder meters, other more uncommon bugs can build these meters for the rest of the game, while dark arachnids will cause Simba to lose wellbeing. By finding certain bugs covered up in specific levels, the player can take an interest in extra levels where they play as Timon and Pumbaa to acquire additional lives and proceeds.


Best Emulator for Lion King

To play Lion King game on your PC, you can use various SNES emulators. One such emulator is Nestopia, which provides HD quality graphics and realistic gameplay when playing games via this emulator. Also, as a plus point, this emulator is an open-source project that means there are many more improvements to be made. But if you want a different SNES emulator to try on, you can opt for the NESticle Emulator, which is based upon a Power PC derivative processor. This emulator requires a fast computer to run efficiently.


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