Megaman 7

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File Name: Megaman VII (USA).zip
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Year of release: 1995
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Megaman 7 ROM Download for SNES 


Megaman 7, released in the year 1995, is a platform video game under the seventh game in the series of original Mega Man. Capcom developed the game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 


Megaman 7 takes place six months after the events of Mega Man 6, where the game revolves around the main character Mega Man, who tries to block the evil Dr Wily. The antagonist, Dr Wily, uses his new collection of Robot Masters to release himself from jail and to bring wreaking destruction to the world. Accompanying with some old friends of Mega Man, he discovers potential partners in the mysterious robot duo Treble and Bass. 


When the player destroys the Robot Master, they gain the special Master Weapon, which can be used in future levels. Also, to a specific Master Weapon, each Robot Master becomes weak. On each stage, the defeated enemies can give extra lives to the players and even some items such as special bolts, refill health, and power weapons. 


Best Emulator for Megaman 7 ROM


Games like Megaman 7 need to be used and run on their particular emulators. To play the Megaman 7, you need to have Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators installed on your device. Some of the amazing Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulators you can run on your device are RetroArch; which supports all platforms like Linux, Mac OS, Android, Web, and Microsoft Windows. Then, higan, SNES9X, OpenEmu, Nestopia UE, NES.emu, BSNES, JOHN NES, and so on. 


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