Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers

In this version of street fighter are added one new special attack to all of the characters. The attack is made to be more precise.

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File Name: Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers (USA).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Fighting
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1993
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Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers ROM Download for SNES


It is a head-to-head arcade fighting game released in 1993 by Capcom. It's the fourth title in the Streetfighter II subseries, and Nintendo released a port to SNES in 1994. The standard Arcade and VS Modes are back, and the SNES port added various new game modes such as Time Challenge, Group mode, and the eight-player Tournament mode. Super fighters II introduces four new characters besides the existing character roster. This game came to the mainstream 26 years ago and remained one of its best examples. You get to see brand-fresh attacks and animations in each character like Chunli's fantastic fire bubble, Guile's new winning stance. One terrific option is the ability to allow the computer to play for you! While you take a break, the computer can even fight itself. Amazing, right!?




It is a fighting game that gives players a choice from various characters with diverse moves that allow for more wide-range matches. Fighters around the world compete to take on Mr Bison, who has taken control over the lands. Each character has a distinct fighting style with around 30 or more moves. The players have to face other characters before they come face to face with the boss. The game adds new movements and winning poses to the character, along with a scoring system to keep track of players' combos and other in-flight features. The most prominent feature is the New Challengers, that is the addition of four new world warriors. The first addition is Fei Long, who hails from Hong Kong. Then there is T.Hawk, a tall Native American who wants to bring down M.Bison for taking over his home. Deejay is a kickboxer from Jamaica, a recording artist who wants to show that his fighting and music mixture is tremendous. Cammy is the best- received addition to the game franchise. Super Street Fighter II has an alternative scoring system that keeps track of first attacks, combos, reversals, and recoveries made by the player and awards the players' bonus points for such performances.



Tournament Battle :
This stage features eight fighters, computer or humans, who take part in a double-elimination tournament, which goes on until one is crowned the winner. The game can now record rankings and scores automatically. 

Group Battle : Group Battle pits the players against their friends with two teams of World Warriors in a battle royale. The players can pick either manually or automatically their team of eight or then face off in either Elimination or Match Modes. The elimination mode lets the players keep a fighter until they lose the round. Whereas the Match Mode pits equivalent fighters against each other till each pair has battled one round.

Time Challenge : It is a one-player mode where the players have to take on the computer in one round of mighty fighting. Players can also practice combos and strategy.


Best Emulator for Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers


Since it's a SNES game, you need to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator to play it on your device choice. There are so many options available for you to choose, but some of the best are: For Windows, you can use ZSNES 1.51, SNES9x 1.53, SnEM 0.02w, SNEeSe etc. If you use an android device, you can download SNESDroid, John SNES lite or SNES 9x+. For a MAC OS, you can try SNES9x 1.4.3, Bsnes, etc.


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