Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Choose your power ranger and go on a mission to defeat all the enemies.

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File Name: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA).zip
Console/System: SNES
Genre: Beat-'em-up
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1993
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ROM Download for SNES


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a superhero video game distributed by Sega and created by Sega TruVideo in the USA in 1994. The game generally comprises film from nine episodes of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series.




Its gameplay requires the player to press specific buttons at exact moments throughout the game as they show up on the screen. There are points in the game where the player can automatically press a button for additional points. After each level finishes, the player's progress is calculated. The points gained will be used to refill the player's health meter and even score a different life.


Best Gaming Emulator for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Project64 emulator is an excellent fit for playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ROM, where you would encounter better designs than other emulators. This emulator is a superb one for you as it offers top-class sound quality and personalized graphics. With configurable controls, you get an elevated level of imitating framework. If you search for an all-rounder emulator in each aspect, you can go with the Project64 emulator to effectively run your games on different operating frameworks. One can also expect further advancements and upgrades in this emulator as it is an open-source stage. Some other SNES emulators are Higan, Snes9x, ZSNES, Nestopia, and many others.


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