The main goal is to navigate your spaceship thru the enemy lines, moving left or right and shooting them. At the end of every level you have a scoreboard how good you were and an enemy boss that needed to be defeated to progress to another level.

File Name:Star Fox (USA).zip
Genre:Shoot 'em up
Year of release:1993

Star Fox ROM Download for SNES

Star Fox is an iconic game in every sense. The level of design is impressive. The characters are legendary. The soundtrack is one of the best in all of SNES games. Star Fox consists of all the requirement for a great game as it combines shooter playability and classic games mechanic. This game is full of surprises. 


The player navigates Fox’s spacecraft through various places while the enemies attack them. Along the way, there are many powers to help the player. The number of enemies defeated by the players, get a score at the end of each level. At the end of each group, there is a Boss. The player must defeat him to progress further. The player can also set the difficulty level (easy, medium, and hard). Players also have three wingmen present with them. However, during the boss battle, these wingmen will not be present. 

Game Plot

The game is on a fictional solar system named – Lylat. Anthropomorphic species like foxes, apes, birds, frogs and rabbits live there, and it consists of two planets Corneria- the good one, and Venom- the evil one. Andross, a hostile scientist, attacks Corneria and the defence forces send its aircraft Arwing piloted by Fox Mccloud to defeat the evil. 

Star fox is now a Nintendo franchise. It has six more games and appearances of its characters in other Nintendo games.

Best Emulator for Star Fox

If you want to play Star fox, then you should download Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The SNES sets the standard for 16-bit gaming. For nearly ten years, the SNES was king of gaming. The Super Nintendo proves that gaming genius is not just only about technology: it's more about fun.

 Nowadays, there are many unique emulators available for the Super Nintendo, and emulation accuracy of many of them is high. Playing games with these emulators should not cause any problem. If your PC is fast, then Higan emulator is best. But, if you have a slow PC and looking for a more user-friendly interface, then you should go with Snes9X. RetroArch is also a multi-platform emulator that will work with any system.

Similar Games

Here I am going to give you a list of games that you may find interesting if you lover Star fox.

  1. Mario and Luigi superstar saga: It requires a game boy advance emulator. It's a role-playing game, which focuses on a battle system that is different from all the traditional games. The game has a comic tone, with various jokes about Mario series. The game begins in the mushroom kingdom but then leads to the Beanbean Kingdom for most of the game. Mario and Luigi fight Cackletta, the antagonist. The journey starts when Cackletta, with the help of her assistant Fawful steals princess preach voice.

  2. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven stars: Its a role-playing video game which focuses on Mario and his friends/enemies as they set on the journey to defeat Smithy. He has crashed into Mario’s world and stole the seven-star pieces of Star Road. Super Mario legends of seven stars are the first RPG game in the Mario series to have gameplay within a 3D setting. You can play the game in SNES emulator.
  3. Kirby superstar: This game is available for Super NES. The players control Kirby and help him pass the various levels. The story is set in fictional Dreamland. The enemies are stealing their food supply, and it’s up to Kirby to stop them. Kirby needs to play eight different games to save the land.
  4. Star fox 64
    You can play this game on N64 emulators. On Corneria, Andross, the evil scientist destroys the planet with biological weapons. Commander in chief of the Lyalat planet sent Andross into exile to the other planet Venom. Five years later he attacks Cornea, and a team is set up consisting of Fox to stop Andross.
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