Super Bomberman 3 (EU)

Place the bombs in the way that can destroy some walls or kill the enemies. In this part of the game Bomberman 3, you can pick up the bombs and move to another place or throw into enemies.

File Name:Super Bomberman 3 (Europe).zip
Year of release:1995

Super Bomberman 3 (EU) ROM Download for SNES


Developed by Hudson Soft, this game was launched in October 1995, the third installment in the Bomberman series.


The game's story follows the Super Bomberman 2 in which the White bomber was successful in defeating Five Dastardly bombers. Bagular arrives at a junkyard where he discovers the bodies of all five dastardly bombers. After discovering the bodies, Bagular decides to take these bodies back to his UFO to heal the Five Dastardly Bombers and bring them back to life. Both Black Bomber and White Bomber then embark on a journey to defeat Bagular and his plans. The game is divided into six worlds which you must explore and travel through to fulfill your goal.




This game's gameplay is based very much like other previous versions such as Bomberman 94' and Super Bomberman 2. However, the multiplayer mode is much more enhanced and filled with new features. There are numerous characters in the game where each character represents a specific country on Earth. The story mode in this game consists of many new cutscenes, including the events from previous games. You get a top-down perspective while playing the game. In most of the game, you would drop down bombs and use help from helper Kangaroos. There are five types of Kangaroos ranging from Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, and Pink Kangaroos, which all have unique abilities and advantages that you can use.


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  1. Super Bomberman- This game provides you with both action and maze-based gameplay experiences. There is a single non-scrolling screen that gives you a top-down view. All the characters in the game can only be moved either vertically or horizontally.

  2.  Super Bomberman 2- Super Bomberman 2 consists of various mazes, including monsters, switches, and blocks where your main goal is to move to the next level by opening the gate. To achieve this goal, you need to destroy all the monsters and flip all the switches. 

  3. Super Bomberman 4- This game provides enhanced gameplay which includes causing a more powerful explosion to destroy enemies instead of simply laying bombs. You can throw the bomb on other characters and even punch or kick the bomb. 


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