Super Double Dragon

You take control of the main characters Billy and Jimmy, who are going to battle against the Shadow Warriors gang. You need to defeat all the enemies to continue on another level and every stage has own boss who you need to defeat.

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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1992
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Super Double Dragon ROM Download for SNES



Super Double Dragon, released in the year 1992, is a side-scrolling beat them up video game under the fourth game in the Double Dragon video games series. Technos Japan developed the game and published it along with Tradewest for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 




The Super Double Dragon player controls the martial artist's Jimmy and Billy, fighting against the Shadow Warriors gang. Each player's objective is to progress through each stage and defeat all the enemies, including a boss. Total seven stages are there in the game: the hideout of the boss, a city slum, an airport, a casino, a fight atop a moving truck, a forest, and a martial arts gym. Apart from the kick, jump, and punch buttons, the player now has a control called guard for blocking attacks. Additionally, suppose the player hits the guard button right. In that case, apart from defending against their enemy's punch, the player character can put specific enemies in an arm grab, making the enemy weak to successive attacks. Moreover, there is also a "Dragon Power" gauge beneath the life gauge, which the player can now fill by holding down the R or L buttons. When the meter fills up, the player can make special attacks that differ depending on how much power the player has acquired, which comprises a flying hurricane kick.  



Best Emulator for Super Double Dragon ROM


To play the Super Dragon Double ROM, you need to download and install a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator on your device. You can run this emulator on MAC OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux platforms. Some of the best emulators you can install to play Super Double Dragon includes NES.emu, BESNES, Nestopia UE, SNES9X, OpenEmu, higan, and JOHN NES.


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  2. Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
    It is a fighting video game that is a sequel to the Double Dragon series. Here, the fights take place on a head-to-head battle based on the Double Dragon animated series. The game consists of weak, medium, and strong kicks and punches. Additionally, the players have many unique moves and a finished move called Overkills. 

  3. Double Dragon Advance
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