Super Metroid

Samus Aran is the main character who searches the planet for metroid.

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Year of release: 1994
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Super Metroid ROM Download for SNES


Super Metroid was developed by Nintendo and also published by Nintendo. If you are a fan of action and adventure games, then Super Metroid is your choice. This is an exploration-based game that consists of many levels. To access the inaccessible areas, players have to search for power-ups with all new features such as an Automap, an inventory screen, all directional firing, etc. Developers have developed super Metroid from the previous series of Metroid games.



In this game, you can upgrade your Samus weaponry and armour by acquiring power-ups. Use various abilities and weapons in the game efficiently with the help of the inventory screen. Samus can move to tight places by curling into a ball, which is possible once you get morphine balls. To be able to navigate various regions of the game quickly, players can use an Automap. If you want to run at high speed in this game, you can use the speed booster to crash into enemies and barriers. There are different kinds of jumps that the character can perform in the gameplay. One is a space jump, while the other is a higher jump. Samus can jump in midair with a space jump, whereas Samus uses high jump boots for a higher jump.


To know about the stats of the player, you can look at the heads-up display. The heads-up display provides stats of various things like supply mode for reserve tanks, icons representing weapons, Sam's health, a map that shows the character's location, and the surrounding area. When you need to save your progress, you must locate save stations present in different locations of the game. Instead of finding safe stations, you can also save your progress at Sam's gunship.


Best Emulator for Super Metroid ROM

With Nintendo's own SNES classic edition, you can experience great gameplay of Super Metroid. Higan emulator is the product you can also use to play Super Metroid as this emulator is based on high-level emulation (HLE). You can get an authentic and significant experience with the Higan gaming console emulator. ZNES gaming console emulator is also great because ROM hacks work correctly in the case of this emulator.


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  2. Metroid Zero Mission- This game sheds lighter on Samus's gameplay character and the events on planet Zebes. With many action sequences and cut scenes, this game is filled with excitement and adventure. 

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