Bonk's Adventure

Bonk's Adventure is the first game with the bald boy Bonk trying to rescue his loved one, the princess Za kidnapped by the evil king Drool. On his way there are different kind of dinosaurs and other monsters trying to stop him.

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File Name: Bonk's Adventure (USA).zip
Console/System: TurboGrafx16
Genre: Platformer
Filesize: 222.75KB
Region: Japan
Year of release: 1989
Downloads: 255

Bonk's Adventure ROM Download for TurboGrafx16


Bonk's Adventure is a game whose name pops up in mind when it comes to scrolling based platform games. Launched in 1989, this game has been developed by Red Company, Atlus Factor 5, and A. I Company Ltd. The game has established itself as a prominent name when it comes to the category of scrolling based platform games. Bonk's Adventure has received a rank of #3 on the Entertainment Weekly list as the greatest game in the year 1991 and has also been credited for being creative, cute, and cartoony. There is fun in playing this game and in watching the game with the fantastic visuals of the game.




The game is based on a 2D platform where Bonk is on a rescue mission. There is an evil king in the game known as Drool who has kidnapped Princess Za, and you are required to rescue her. A female version of Bonk is also available in the arcade version of the game, assisting you. The gameplay of the game is plain and simple. Once you start the game, you would experience a lot of enemies being thrown at you. You are required to knock out the enemy with the help of your head. To head butt your enemy, you need to press the attack button. When you are in the air in the game and then pressing the attack button will cause Bonk to come down headfirst, hitting the enemy. You can also even glide in the air by pressing the attack button multiple times and even take off in the air after hitting your enemy.


Best Emulator for Bonk's Adventure


 Bonk's Adventure is a scrolling platform game that can be best enjoyed on TurboGrafx 16 emulator. You get a high compatibility rate and on the point emulation with this emulator, and the support of multiple gaming consoles. Data would always be secure and safe in TurboGrafx 16 as there is an option of backup memory. If you get frustrated by having to save your game's progress, then don't worry because TurboGrafx 16 offers an autosave feature. You can very well use a USB gamepad and enjoy external audio tracks. There are many emulators for various operating systems, but there are some highly recommended ones for each category, which you should look at. For example, Windows- Magic Engine 1.1.3, Ootake 2.75, Android- Matsu 2.24.0, PCE.emu Free 1.5.13, Mac- OpenEmu, Linux- Hu-Go.


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