10 Best Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo DS – The Best among the Best

Nintendo DS is one of the best-selling and the most desirable handheld gaming devices ever. It has been among us for a long period of time and there are millions of satisfied users from all over the world. But, this handheld is only as good as the games you are going to play on it. As such, you will need to know something about the 10 best games of all times.

1. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

The Advance Wars: Dual Strike is probably the best and the most appealing game for DS ever developed. It uses the full power of both displays and it makes gaming so much better. You will have to fight two battles at the same time, so the game is demanding and full of adrenaline as well.

It is based on a simple principle and it uses rock, paper, scissors gaming principle, so you can never know what to expect. Don’t forget that this is a game that can be played all day long and it will never become boring. The list of possibilities and advantages are extremely long, so you can try and discover all of them all by yourself.

2. Mario Kart DS

For most of you, Mario Kart DS will be the top choice. The game is an excellent source of fun and pleasure and it is loaded with useful elements, it offers impressive possibilities and it is a fast-paced game, so you will have to think fast and straight all the time you play the game. Players are free to choose between a single race mode and mission-focused gameplay where you will have to enjoy different obstacles and requirements in order to complete all tasks.

This game has an important role in the DS history as well. Did you know that it is the main reasons why Nintendo started the Wi-Fi console connectivity and why they tried to make it possible for all the players to join online gaming? Sadly, this never worked, but we still have the game that offers so much, available today.

3. Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon games do look the same and they are based on the same principle. Yet, there is one version of this game that is truly special. The Pokemon Black and White was developed before other versions of the Pokemon-based games. As such it offers completely different gameplay and it has a unique set of monsters you will be willing to play with. It is a masterpiece in the lack of a better word and it is true game changer, so you will get the best fun ever if you like games of this kind.

We would like to recommend this game to all players who are desperate to try out Pokemon-focused game which is different and which has an extremely interesting story. Don’t forget that the game is loaded with fun and appealing features, but also offers a unique set of features and well-developed story. The bottom line is that the game is the best source of fun ever and you will want to play it even after you have completed it. For gamers, this is the ultimate thrill.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

There were many attempts to make GTA playable on the DS and most of them are a failure. Luckily, the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the first game of this caliber which can be actually played on DS device and which offers countless fun. The game comes with all the features and all the essentials, which made it extremely popular and desirable. It also has a well-based story and graphics.

In the game, you will be in control of Huang. He is rich and spoiled gang boss’s son who knows what he wants and who must pass and complete millions of tasks if he wants to start controlling his Triad criminal gang. Anyway, the game is extremely fun to play for fun only, without having to complete any of the offered missions.

5. Final Fantasy IV

The Final Fantasy IV is one of the first games that was able to use the full 3D power of the DS. It has been known as the best RPG game in the world and there are millions of players who still play this game, after all this time. The game itself shouldn’t be explained. It is loaded with monsters, magic, and powerful heroes. Your mission will be to defeat all of them.

Don’t forget that we refer to the game which was released in 1991. In the United States, it may be known as Final Fantasy II, but in the rest of the world, it is simply known as Final Fantasy IV.

6. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

As you may know, Mario and Luigi have been appreciated on DS and there are countless versions of games where these two have the main role. But, the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is different. As the title suggests, the game is based in Bowsers guts and there you will have to control these two super-heroes (if we can call them like this) and to fight enemies. Yes, the gameplay is completely different than any other you can imagine and there are countless threats inside the guts, but it is fun as well.

One of many reasons why this particular sequel is so special and so popular is the story. It is different than the others we have encountered and it is loaded with funny and specific chats, occasions and will make you laugh in general. This is a must-try game!

7. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Chances are high that you have been playing this game for a long period of time. It is one of a kind development and it is a game that will make your brain work in overdrive. As such, you will be in the world filled with puzzles. There are countless puzzles in the game and each one is more than just desirable to play.

The initial puzzles are much easier and simpler than the ones you will have to complete later in the game. They are obviously different, so you will have to use math skills, logic, different knowledge and so much more in order to complete all of them. It is far from an easy game, but it is still one of our favorites.

8. Kirby Super Star Ultra

The Kirby Super Star Ultra actually was developed for SNES platform, but alongside Final Fantasy IV, it was transferred into the DS. The essence of the game is still the same, so you will get all the advantages your friends have been discussing all this time. All the main features which were supported in the SNES are available on DS as well. But, there are some additions. In the game, you are welcome to try new modes such as Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra.

All of you who liked playing Kirby games will appreciate this edition. The game is a must have and a must play for all players who were perfectly satisfied with the Kirby-based games. The game itself is focused on different adventures with different missions. You will control Kirby and you will have to complete all of those missions if you are looking for the happy end.

9. Elite Beat Agents

In the lack of a better word, the game is one of a kind. It is focused on dancing, steps, using different features and so much more. However, it also features agents, which are shown in the game as secret government agents. You will be in a frequent touch with them and you will have plenty of fun in general.

The game itself is more than just different from any others. It is a fast-paced development which comes with the unique user interface and with even better graphics. Of course, being able to present yourself as a secret agent will be even more than just appealing, so you will want to play the game more and more.

10. Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Animal Crossing: Wild World is the game with the most powerful impact on the modern society. Basically, we can see that this game is important for the development of 3D online communities such as Second Life and Kaneva. You will be in a village inside a game with 3 of your friends. They can be anyone from any part of the world and they can be chosen accordingly. In a nutshell, you are going to chat with them, decorate your home and several other possibilities.

Obviously, the game was the first of its kind and it was more than just popular. You are going to appreciate the advanced design, development and even better graphics. We also liked the characters which look nice and desirable.

Pick Your Favorite Nintendo DS Game

These are not just the most popular DS games, they are legendary creations which can be played today, tomorrow or in the distant future. Be free to check all of them and find a few of them which make you happy and satisfied.