Street Fighter Alpha 3

The third part of Street Fighter Alpha is here with 3 new playing styles but this time in GBA version.

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File Name: 0899 - Street Fighter Alpha 3 (U)(Independent).zip
Console/System: GBA
Genre: Fighting
Filesize: 6.76MB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1998
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Street Fighter Alpha 3 ROM Download for GBA 


Street Fighter Alpha 3, released in the year 1998, is a 2D competitive fighting video game under the final installment in Street Fighter Alpha's sub-series. Crawfish Interactive developed the game, and Capcom published it for the Game Boy Advance. The game is also a prequel to Street Fighter II. 




The games discard the previous Alpha modes, such as Auto and Manual modes, in this version and instead provides three distinct playing styles, which are known as "Isms" for players to select. In the first playing style, A-ism or Z-ism, the player has a three-level Super Combo scale with access to various Super Combo moves and based mostly on the previous Alpha games. In the X-ism, the player has a single-level Super Combo scale and access to a single, yet strong Super Combo move. Finally, in the third play style, V-ism, the player has a unique style that enables them to perform custom combos like those in Street Fighter Alpha 2, although they cannot use Super Combos like other styles. The game also introduces a "Guard Power Gauge" that depletes each time when a player blocks – if the gauge gets wholly depleted, the player will remain weak and quite vulnerable to an attack. 


Best Emulator for Street Fighter Alpha 3 ROM


The game Street Fighter Alpha 3 needs an emulator called Game Boy Advance to play the game on your device. A few of the best Game Boy Advance emulators which you can install on your Windows PC are higan, BatGBA, NO$GBA, mGBA, Visual Boy Advance, and much more. And those who use MAC, you can install Game Boy Advance emulators such as DeSmuMe, Sixtyforce, Boycott Advance, and KiGB. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing Street Fighter Alpha 3, you should try to play other Street Fighter series games as they have similar gameplay and features. Three games related to Street Fighter Alpha 3 are listed below. 


  1. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
    It is a 2D fighting video game, where the game introduces many new features such as expanding on the Super Combo system that is featured in the previous Super Street Fighter II Turbo game. The player can select two playing styles from Normal and Auto. Additionally, there are many other skills for the players such as Chain Combos, Air Blocking, and the ability to guard during mid-air. 

  2. Street Fighter EX
    It is a head-to-head fight video game, including 3D graphics, and a spin-off to the Street Fighter series. The game uses super combos and special moves that are familiar to previous games in the series. The players can perform a unique move called "Cancelling," which can be done after an unusual move or another regular move. 

  3. Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
    It is a competitive fighting video game and an enhanced version of Street Fighter III: New Generation. The game introduces new special moves, gameplay mechanics, new characters, along with some bonus rounds. 


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