Pokemon - Crystal Version

The Crystal version of Pokemon is a sequel to the previous gold and silver version. The biggest addition in this part is the Battle Tower that allows players to participate in Pokemon stadium battles. In Pokemon Crystal, you can also pick a female character.

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File Name: Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe).zip
Console/System: GBC
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Region: USA, Europe
Year of release: 2000
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Pokemon: Crystal Version ROM Download for GBC 


Pokemon Crystal Version is a video role-playing game that Game Freak develops. This game is more like an upgraded version of the Pokemon Gold and Silver, coming under the second generation of the Pokemon video game series. Pokemon Crystal Version is the first Pokemon game ever, which allows choosing the gender of your character. This version even comprises animated spirits, and to make it more impressive, the sparks on its back flash. Now, isn't that interesting?  




In addition to the other Pokemon games' features, this game has a couple of subplots added to make it more enjoyable in this game. And, Legendary Pokemon Suicune being one of them. However, the most vital feature in this game is the addition of the Battle Tower, a new building that allows players to participate in Pokemon Stadium like fights. 


Best Emulator for the Pokemon Crystal ROM


Before downloading or having the Pokemon Crystal Version, you need to download and install an emulator called Gameboy Color on your device to play the game. After installing the emulator, you are ready to play the Pokemon Crystal Version! Some of the best Gameboy Color emulators for the Windows PC are GEST, higan, TGB DUAL, zboy, BasicBoy and much more. Few good emulators for MAC are OpenEmu, Retro Arch and KiGB. 


Similar Games


If you loved playing the Pokemon Crystal Version then, you would surely enjoy playing the games related to this game. Only a few of the things differ, and that's what makes it more unique and intriguing to play. 


Here are four of the related games:


  1. Pokemon - Emerald Version: Pokemon Emerald Version is part of the third generation Pokemon video games series and an upgraded version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Players here can control Pokemon trainer from an overhead perspective. They can move in four directions and even enable them to talk with other people around the world. The most thrilling part of this version is that apart from the legal battle and overworld method, players can also participate in Pokemon Contests where they can try and win in five contest categories: CoolBeautyCuteSmart, and Strong competitions. 

  2. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen is also a part of the third generation Pokemon video games series. All other Pokemon role-playing games are released for handheld consoles, whereas FireRed and LeafGreen are third-person perspectives. Here the player navigates the protagonist in an overworld, which is the main screen. 

  3. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver: Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver include features from the Pokemon Crystal Version. Here, when the player faces a wild Pokemon or is challenged by a trainer to a battle, the screen promptly changes to a turn-based battle screen where the Pokemon fights. Even Pikachu follows the player in the overworld, echoing the mechanic of Pokemon Yellow. 

  4. Pokemon - Black and White Version: Pokemon Black and White Version comprise more adventure elements making it more diverse from the rest of the Pokemon games. Here the player can control Pokemon Trainer using the Poke Balls.  


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