Final Fantasy Legend II

File Name:Final Fantasy Legend II (USA).zip
Year of release:1990

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Final Fantasy Legend II is a role-playing video game developed by Square Co. for the Game boy. This game is part of the Final Fantasy Legend, SaGa series in Japan. A great tower is located in the world that connects various worlds. All these worlds comprise of MAGI, remains of an ancient Goddess Isis who existed several ages ago. The party go out to gather the MAGI to prevent those with evil methods from collecting it and becoming new Gods. The characters party visits twelve worlds, and the Celestial World and the Shrine at its centre. The main goal of the game is to collect the various pieces of MAGI. These MAGI pieces also help to increase the character's stats or grant special abilities.


The player moves the character throughout the game world with a party of up to four characters and they explore the areas and interact with other characters. The game takes place in towns, castles, and similar regions. The player begins with one world and as the game progresses, it moves onto the other worlds. The goal in each world is to gather enough "MAGI" to progress to the next world. This sequel returns with the new class system, of the three classes found in the first part, i.e. Humans, Mutants, and Monsters, only Humans and Monsters returns for the sequel. In place of Mutants, now Robot's class is there. Players can pick their party from any of the three. The characters react and express according to the quest, and it’s fantastic. All hail to graphics! Side quests are present not merely as tasks but as part of an unfolding story. One can say that the final fantasy legend II has topped its predecessor. It's a solid role-playing game that video game lovers will enjoy a lot.

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