The Final Fantasy Legend

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The Final Fantasy Legend -ROM Download for GB


The Final Fantasy was released in 1989 for Game Boy by Square Co. In this game, you travel on the overworld map, engaging in battles while travelling, earning points, buying armour, weapons and other items. The combat system is simple where you attack with your weapons, some other characters can use magic spells, but there’s still a strategy that will give depth to the game. The gameplay is striving and uses an elaborate class system based on Humans, Mutants, and Monsters. You are granted a choice to mix and match the class into your team. It’s fascinating and unique and creates a dynamic team. Each class has its strength. Humans are potent fighters, so they have weapons. Mutants have powerful magic, and monsters get power through progression. They evolve as they eat the corpse of the dead enemies. The game lives up to the Final Fantasy games expectations.


The game is a turn-based battle, and you have a limited amount of hits per weapon. So this means you have to keep yourself equipped with a weapon to conquer the game and defeat the final three bosses. The difference from the first game is that here other characters will join you and help you to win the battle. You have options to choose from humans, mutants and monsters that we know. But the most significant difficulty is with the monsters as they evolve during the game. Suppose, a monster becomes powerful, but if he eats wrong meat, then he can become a Wyrm again. Once Mutants get any weapon, then they can reuse it, so there is the need to rebuy the weapons. You have to be statistical when you choose the team like how many of which to keep. There are plenty of puzzles and storylines twist. This feature always keeps the game interesting until the very end.  

Game Plot

The story is that there are seventy-seven magi in the world. When all of them comes together, a goddess appears to grant your wishes. But some gods want magi for themselves only. There are gods like Apollo, who is one of the good ones, the God Ashura, who believes in the use of force, the war god, god Venus and god Odin. Each land has a different storyline, and some will link with each other. There are also other characters present in the game who take the role of sub-characters but are essential and join the fight with you. 


Best Emulator for Final Fantasy Legend


You need a Gameboy emulator to play this game. The Game Boy is an 8-bit game console developed by Nintendo. Visual boy advance is one of the best game boy emulators for windows along with BizHawk and BGB. RetroArch is multiplatform emulators, so it runs on any operating system. For android, you can use MyGBA and Classic boy. Choose any of the emulators and enjoy your gaming. 

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