Tetris is the most popular tile-matching game available for almost every console that has been released to date.

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File Name: Tetris (World).zip
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1984
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Tetris ROM Download for GB


All the 90's kids out there cannot forget one of their all-time favourites video games- TETRIS! Today's generation might not have time to play these old-time video games since they are busy with their PlayStations. However, one can never get bored of playing Tetris! For all the first-timers of this game, here is everything you need to know about this game 'Tetris' and how you can play this game on your computer.


In the Tetris game, the player has to adjust the differently shaped moving titles and fill them in the playfield gaps, so the line completed by tags disappears. With each disappearing line, the player earns points. This game's objective is to fill all the spaces with the titles to create a complete horizontal line. If the gaps remain unfilled, the players lose the chance of earning more points due to the blocking of spaces with the differently shaped title.


Once the lower lines filled by titles disappear, the player can seal the titles from upwards in the vacant spaces. In some Tetris versions, the timer is set, and the player has to earn specific points in the specified time limit while in some other versions of this game, a player can compete with another player and one who makes more points becomes the winner.



Best Emulator for Tetris ROM

Tetris games are available on most consoles; however, to play this game offline, the players can download it from the Gameboy Colour emulator. It runs along all the devices smoothly. You can select any GBA emulator of your choice. Here are some of our best picks.

Similar Games

Three games to love if you like Tetris. They are

  1.  Tetris DX (JU)
    It is a title-adjusting game available on Gameboy Colour emulator and offers the same gameplay as Tetris but with different graphics for different titles. It can be downloaded from the Gameboy Colour emulator.

  2. Magical Tetris Challenge
    It is a Tetris game offering other features like colour variants for titles, cartoon characters for different graphics. This game can be downloaded from the Gameboy Colour emulator for free. If you love Tetris, check out this recommendation as well. 

  3. Tetris World
    It is another version of Tetris available on the Gameboy Colour emulator. It offers its player to enjoy the same gameplay like that in Tetris, but in three different modes with vibrant graphics for its users.




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