Dr. Mario

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File Name: Dr. Mario (Japan, USA).zip
Console/System: NES
Genre: Puzzle
Filesize: 28.45KB
Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1990
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Dr. Mario ROM Download for NES

It's an action-puzzle video game released in 1990. Same as a falling block puzzle game, your goal is to destroy the virus that populates the screen with the help of coloured capsules thrown in by the doctor Mario. You have to manipulate the capsule while they fall, and you have to align them with similar colours, that is what kills the virus. If you match a line of the same colour of four or more than that, it will wipe out the viruses. Once you wipe out every virus, then you can move to the next stage. If you allow the pills to stack up the bottle, then you lose. The viruses are of three different colours: red, blue and yellow. Dr Mario stands to the right and tosses the capsules of the same three colours. The fun in Dr Mario is it requires a deep concentration to clear the viruses that fall faster and faster. You receive points for removing the virus, and if you clean up numerous viruses at one time, you get double, triple and quadruple points.


Mario takes the role of a doctor, tosses coloured medical capsule to clear the virus in the playing field, which is a medical bottle. The player can manipulate the capsules as it falls vertically at a time, he/she can rotate it 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise or left and right. The main aim is to complete the levels, which the player accomplishes by eliminating the viruses from the field. After completion of every 5th level, up to twenty cut-scene comes. In that scene, the virus trio sits on a tree, and some object glides over the screen. In the beginning, the player chooses the game speed and music. The score depends on the elimination of the virus.


  1. Multiplayer Mode
    There is a two-player mode, in which both players' bottles are visible on the screen. There are best of five matches, and the player sets his or her handicaps following the virus density and capsules speed. In head-to-head matches, the player gets a reward by sending random-coloured blocks into the opponent's field. Dr Mario multiplayer mode is fast-paced and fun.

  2. Flexible Settings
    The difficulty settings are quite flexible. The player can change the speed by which the pills drop from 1-20. It makes a fantastic choice for players who want to get into the game slowly. 

  3. Graphics
    The colours are bold, and the animation is excellent. The music is catchy to the ears.

Best Emulator for Dr. Mario

You will need an NES emulator to play this game. There are many emulators available for the gamers, so it's challenging to decide which one is the best. Look at some of the NES emulators:

FCEUX is one of the popular NES available. There are a lot of features and customisation options. It's easy to use and gives the ultimate experience.

RetroArch is one of the most advanced NES emulators and allows the user to have a perfect experience. 

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