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Pac-Man is one of the oldest game dating form 80's and is considered as one of the best classic game.

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File Name: Pac-Man (USA) (Namco).zip
Console/System: NES
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1980
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Pac - Man ROM Download for NES

Pac - man is a classic maze arcade game released in 1980. The player controls Pac - Man who must eat all the dots inside a bounded maze while avoiding four coloured ghosts. If Pac-Man eats the large flashing dots called "energizers", they turn blue, and that allows the Pac - Man to eat them for bonus points. 

Nintendo ported Pac on its 25thanniversary. The NES version features a precise representation of the arcade game, both in terms of gameplay and visually.


Pac - Man is a maze chase game. The main objective of the game is to eat all of the dots positioned in the maze while escaping the four coloured ghosts — Pinky (pink), Blinky (red) Inky (cyan), and Clyde (orange). After eating all the dots, the player goes to the next level. If the player gets in contact with any of the ghosts, he loses his life. If all lives are lost, then the game ends.
Each ghost has its characteristics. Pinky and inky they position themselves in front of Pac - man, Blinky chases the Pac - Man, and Clyde will either chase Pac - Man or run away from him. As the player moves forward, the game's difficulty level also increases. There are two "warp tunnels" which allow the ghosts and Pac - Man to travel to the opposite side of the monitor. Ghost's speed becomes slow when they enter or exit these tunnels. 

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   1. Ms Pac - Man 

It's a sequel to the original Pac - Man game, and the gameplay is very similar to that of Pac - Man. The player gets points by eating pellets and avoiding the monsters. If a player gets in contact with one of them, he loses a life. Eating a power pallet causes the monsters to change colour to blue, and if Ms Pac - Man eats them, the player gets extra points.
The difference from the original Pac - Man is that there are for mazes which are in a different colour. In level one and two pink mazes appear, in third, fourth and fifth level light blue maze comes, from six to nine brown maze appears, from level ten to fourteen, dark blue maze appears. The original Pac - Man has one warp tunnels, but this version has two tunnels. The ghosts Blinky and Pinky move randomly whereas Sue and Inky have the same movements as in the previous game. You can play this game on the Game boy emulators.

   2. Pac - Man 2: The New Adventures

It's a point and clicks and adventure game in the Pac - Man series. Pac - Man is on his way to complete the task, and the ghosts along with their leader plant to destroy him. His first task is to find milk for the Pac-baby. Then similar duties happen to like pick the flowers. He gets a trolley ticket to get the flowers. There are many segments of tasks. In the final part, Pac - Man hears that the ghosts are stealing ABC gum from little children. Ghost witch then challenges Pac -Man to face her Gum monster. Thereafter, the final battle between the Gum monster and Pac - Man happens. After beating the monster, Pac - Man becomes the hero. This game is available for super Nintendo emulators.

   3. Ms Pac - Man: Maze Madness

The game is available for game boy advance. Professor Pac finds that the villainous forces have taken control of the Enchanted Castle. The princess is missing, and a witch named Mesmerelda is planning to steal gems of virtue (truth, generosity, courage and wisdom) to control the areas of Pac - Land. Professor Pac creates Pactrometer, which allows Ms Pac - Man to visit the places to recover the gems. The witch traps him in a mirror, leaving only Ms Pac - Man with the Pactrometer. Now, it's up to Ms Pac - Man to go on this adventure. 

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