Double Dragon II - The Revenge

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Console/System: NES
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Year of release: 1988
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Double Dragon II - The Revenge ROM Download for NES


Double Dragon II in hand-to-hand combat and a side-scrolling video game developed and distributed by Technos Japan. Launched in 1989, this game was initially produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gaming console. It is the 2nd installment in the Double Dragon series for the NES platform. The NES rendition of Double Dragon II was coordinated by Hiroyuki Sekimoto, with the arcade adaptation's director Yoshihisa Kishimoto playing an administrative job in the game's establishment. As per the stats of a North American famous news channel, the NES rendition of Double Dragon II sold over million copies just after its release.




Dissimilar to the 1st NES game, Double Dragon II can be played by up to two players all the while. The game offers two playing methods, which contrast with whether the two players can sting each other with their assaults. Players control Billy and Jimmy Lee, who is determined to vindicate Billy's girlfriend Marian's demise after being executed during an assault by the Shadow Warriors (An unnamed Japanese group of Warriors).

The game contains nine stages and three challenging levels; exclusively picking the most complex level can the player access every nine stages and see the real ending. At the basic easy level, the game finishes after the third stage. The middle class permits players to complete everything except the 9th and last stage; the most challenging level awards admittance to all locations and encounters with the previous boss.


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