Dragon Warrior

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Year of release:1986
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Dragon Warrior ROM Download for NES


Dragon Warrior, also known as Dragon Quest, is a role-playing video game and first in the dragon quest franchise. The game plot is basic and straightforward. You are the descendant of Erdrick, and you have to stop the Dragonlord and save the Princess. You have to take back the ball of light from the Dragonlord to vanish the evil and restore peace. That's it, that's the plot, but the game is not as basic as its story. It doesn't mean that you will win the game in a day or two.
You will have to travel from one town to another, buying armour, weapons and other collectables. You will find yourself in the dark dungeons in the city and will have to light the torches on your way out. The game does make you feel that you are in a vast quest. This game has a lot of grinding. So, if you love grinding then this game is for you. As you travel through the towns, you will be faced with more strong enemies and battles. 


The player takes the role of a stranger who has come to Tantegel Castle. You came to know that Dragonlord has taken Princess into his captivity and is keeping her in a cave. Then he went in search for the Princess and upon his journey came upon a tablet left by Erdrick with a message on it. In that tablet, Erdrick tells what to do to defeat the dragon lord. Player ultimately rescues Princess Gwaelin. He soon realises that to restore the light of Alefgard he has to defeat the Dragonlord at Charlock castle. He creates a bridge to go to the Castle and finally defeating the Dragon Lord. 


Best Emulator for Dragon Warrior

You will require NES emulator to play this game on your device. For windows you can opt for Mesen - a high accuracy emulator, Higan - a multi-system emulator or Jnes - a good emulator but requires a fast PC. For Mac, you can use RetroArch – it's a multiplatform emulator that can work with any system.

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