Super C

File Name:Super C (USA).zip
Genre:Run and gun
Year of release:1988
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Super C ROM Download for NES 


Super C, a shortened title of Super Contra, released in North America in 1988, is a run and gun type of video game that is a sequel to the original game, Contra and comes under the series of Contra. Konami developed the game and published it for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game stars Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, where they are sent to stop another alien attack as the alien forces have taken up an allied military base and possess most of its troops. 




The game Super C can be played by up to two players together at the same time. The right player controls Lance, who wears a purple color dress, and the left player controls Bill, who wears green in this version. There are five stages in the game set in the alien's lair, military base, and jungle. The player can substitute their default gun with one of four likely weapons by damaging the flying item capsules that appear during each stage. The weapons available here include a laser gun, a bomb gun, a machine gun, and a spread gun. Additionally, the players can upgrade their weapons by picking the same power-ups in a row twice, which gives them greater destructive power. 


Best Emulator for Super C ROM


To play the game Super C on your device, you will need to download and run a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. You can run the Nintendo Entertainment System on Microsoft Windows and even on MAC. If you want to play the game on Microsoft Windows, you can download emulators such as VirtualNES, Nestopia UE, Nesbox Universal Emulator, RockNES, jNES, and Mesen Dolphin, and RetroArch. For MAC users, the emulators you can run are ZSNES, higan, Nestopia, and Snes9x. 

Similar Games


There are many other games in the series of Contra which you may like after playing Super C. Three of them are listed below. 


  1. Operation C 
    It is a run and gun video game and is a sequel to Super Contra with similar gameplay and features. The game player takes the character Bill Rizer's role, who needs to neutralize an enemy force that is secretly collecting and storing an alien cell in their base. There are five stages, where three odd-numbered stages, namely 1, 3, and 5, play in a side-view perspective. 

  2. Contra III: The Alien Wars
    It is a side-scrolling run and game video game, which is unlike its previous games. The players control Lance Bean and Bill Rizer, who strive to fight off an alien attack on Earth. The players try to fight with the aliens in six different stages. 

  3. Contra: Hard Corps
    It is a shoot them up and side-scrolling run and gun video game set five years after the events in the game Contra III: The Alien Wars. Here, a terrorist group led by the rebel Colonel Bahamut has stolen an alien cell from the war and now aims to use it to make weapons. The main protagonists, Lance and Bill, try to stop this from happening. 


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