Kung Fu

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File Name: Kung Fu (USA).zip
Console/System: NES
Genre: Beat 'em up
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Region: Japanese
Year of release: 1984
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Kung Fu ROM Download for NES


Kung Fu was titled as Kung-Fu master, formerly developed by Irem for the Arcades. It's a side-scrolling beat them up game released in 1984. You control Thomas, who is the Kung-Fu Master and he fights through the devil temple to rescue his girlfriend Sylvia from the criminal Mr X. There are a total of five levels in this game. Kung Fu Master is considered as the first beat them up video game. 

It's one of the best arcade games released for the NES. The goal is to move from one side to the other side of the screen and make your way through the level to kill enemies and to go further inside the temple. As you go deep into the temple, defeating the enemies becomes difficult. After you clear all the levels you get to the level boss.


Gameplay involves you to move from right to left and defeat any enemies on your way. After you advance to the last of the stage, you will encounter the floor boss. You have beat him after which you go to the next level. Your aim is to rescue Sylvia from a gang leader called Mr X. As you move forward, a range of enemies try to stop you that includes snakes, thugs, and dragons. You attack in the form of kicks, punches and perform flying kicks. Once you reach the 5th floor and defeat the final boss, the game gets over, but you also have an option to restart from the start again. There are unique attack patterns, and it's fun to figure out the weaknesses of the boss. 


  1. Unique levels
     Five levels alternate between left-to-right numbers to being right-to-left affairs. At the end of the stairs to the next levels, there is a mandatory boss battle.

  2. Varied bosses
    There are varied bosses: some are standard, and some are entirely crazy. The first time the fight with the bosses is tricky. Each of the floor bosses is more interesting than the enemies and requires a little bit of ability to beat.
  3. Replayability
    One fantastic feature of the game is replayability. Each floor has one full health bar, and at the end of the floor, the health goes back to top. The player has two extra lives, and if the player loses three lives on one floor, then the game ends.

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