Turok - Dinosaur Hunter

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File Name: Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (USA).zip
Console/System: N64
Genre: First-person shooter
Filesize: 7.30MB
Region: USA
Year of release: 1997
Downloads: 16850

Turok - Dinosaur Hunter ROM Download for N64


Developed by Iguana Entertainment, this game was launched in 1997 and provided a first-person shooter experience. Turok achieved popularity and success soon after its release and was also named the most popular Nintendo 64 for some time. Reviewing websites such as GameRankings and Metacritic provided this game with a score of 86.6/100 and 85/100 based on the players' reviews on their official websites. Critics appreciated Turok: Dinosaur Hunter allowed much more 3D movement than other first perspective 3D shooting games. Scary Larry from GamePro provided this great game score in all aspects such as controls, graphics, and sound and praised the game for its potential on-screen.


Game Plot & Gameplay


In this game, your gameplay character is Turok, a native American time-traveling warrior, also known as Tal'Set. Turok is responsible for protecting the lost land and Earth's barrier where time stands still in the Lost land. The eldest male of every generation gets this responsibility and is made a Turok. There are numerous creatures of various types, such as aliens and dinosaurs found in the lost land. Campaigner is an evil overlord who wants to damage the barrier and the whole universe by using the power of an ancient artifact chronoscope broken into eight pieces. In this game, your goal is to discover all the eight parts of the Chronoscepter and stop Campaigner from achieving his goals.

You get an open surrounding in this game which includes a jungle that sets you free from narrow and more crowded places making your movement restricted. Turok can very efficiently move, swim and jump and that too in different variations. When underwater, Turok can hold on to his breath for a long time, providing him with the opportunity to explore new things further. Weapons movement is controlled with a joystick, whereas four C buttons control movement related to the player. You need to press the Z button for shooting, and for jumping, you need to press the right shoulder button.


Best Gaming Emulator for Turok – Dinosaur Hunter


Nintendo 64 emulators are mostly open-source projects which means that the level of performance and display you are getting currently with the N64 emulator may not be the same after some time. You would end up getting much more improved performance. You can easily play many of the classic games with high-level textures, which make up for a better display on the screen. Downloading and setting up games is also much more comfortable as you don't need a separate plugin to run games on the N64 emulator. Some N64 emulators are Project64, Mupen64plus, MegaN64, etc.


Similar Games


  1. Turok: Evolution- The game is set in the lost land where your gameplay character is Tal'Set, who gets help in this game from another character known as Tarkeen. With a sum of 13 multiplayer maps and a four-screen split display, you can easily play this game with excitement and fun throughout the game.

  2. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil- You play as Turok and can climb ladders, walk, jump, and do a variety of other things. Compared to previous games of this series, you can now carry numerous weapons ranging from different types and periods. 

  3. Turok: Rage Wars- There are three main gameplay modes: Single-player trial mode, Two player trial mode, and multiplayer mode. In this game, weapons are featured with three types of ammunition: explosive rounds, bullet round, and energy rounds. 
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