Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Donkey Kong Country Returns ROM Download for Nintendo Wii 

Donkey Kong Country Returns, released in the year 2010, is a side-scrolling platform video game. Retro Studios developed the game, and Nintendo published it for the Nintendo Wii. The game focuses on an evil group called Tiki Tak Tribe. They are Tiki-like creatures unleashed, roaming on Donkey Kong Island to hypnotize the animals on the island and steal Donkey Kong's bananas. This act forces him to reclaim the treasure and Diddy Kong, who is Donkey Kong's friend. 




The player in Donkey Kong Country Returns takes control of Donkey Kong and can sometimes control his friend Diddy Kong. The game has many traditional levels from the previous versions, such as the golden KONG letters, the ability to swing between vines, mine cart levels, collect bananas, and puzzle pieces. Some of the new gameplay elements introduced include generating many new gameplay mechanics in new levels in which the playable characters and front environments appear as silhouettes. 


If a player's character dies and loses life in two-player mode, their life can be retrieved back using the other character to hit a DK Barrel, which drifts into the view. 


Best Emulators for Donkey Kong Country Returns ROM


To play the Donkey Kong Country Returns on your device, you first have to download and install a Nintendo Wii emulator. You can run Nintendo Wii emulators on all platforms such as Linex, MAC OS, Microsoft Windows, and Android. Some of the best Nintendo Wii emulators that are great include Dolphin Wii, CubeSX, Club 64 Wii, GCube, and Dolwin Wii. 


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