Sonic R (U)

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File Name: Sonic R (U)(Saturn).zip
Console/System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Sports
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Region: USA
Year of release: 1997
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Sonic R (U) ROM Download for Sega Saturn


Sonic R is a racing video game developed by Sonic Team and Travellers tale in 1997 for the Sega Saturn. It's the third instalment in the Sonic Hedgehog series and features all of the adorable characters from Sega's previous Sonic games. The player races as one of the ten Sonic characters in varied Sonic-themed race track. They are attempting to stop Doctor Robotnik from stealing the Chaos emeralds.


About the game


Sonic and Tails are planning to go on a holiday when Tails sees an advertisement for a "World Grand Prix". Sonic is not interested, but when he sees that Dr Robotnik is also participating, he decides to enter the race. Robotnik has recently learned about the whereabouts of the powerful and rare Chaos Emerald. With the help of these emeralds, he wants to enslave the world, and he is using World Grand Prix as a trap to distract Sonic. Amy anD Knuckles hear the Robotnik's plan and decide to compete. Together, the four must restain Robotniks to get hold of the Emeralds, and also they need to win the race too. 






Best Emulator for Sonic R


This game is available for Sega Saturn emulators a home video game console developed in 1994. It's a thirty-two-bit fifth-generation console. Some of the Sega Saturn emulators are-



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