Chrono Trigger

File Name:Chrono Trigger (USA).zip
Year of release:1995

Chrono Trigger ROM Download for SNES

Chrono Trigger is a role-playing video game released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first instalment in this game series and one of the most unique and impressive RPG releases. Game’s story follows a group of adventure seekers who travel through time to prevent a global calamity. Chrono is the name of the protagonist. He becomes involved in a quest to save the world when a mysterious portal in time opens up and gulps his friend Marle. He jumps in after her. From here begins our story following Chrono's adventures back in time to the past, forward in time to the future and every other time in-between. It first started as a rescue mission but then changed into a battle for the fate of the planet.

Game Plot & Gameplay

The game takes place in a world similar to Earth. There are three eras: primitive era, where humans and dinosaurs live together; Middle ages, filled with monsters, magic and knights; ad post-apocalyptic future, where humans and robots share the Earth. The characters travel through time to gather equipment’s, allies, learn information and many more. The party eventually obtains a time-machine known as the Wings of Time. The vehicle can time travel between any periods. 

Chrono triggers improve the "Active-Time-Battle" system. You can perform attacks called Techs, specialised moves that can cause powerful hits on enemies. You can also perform Double and Triple Techs for really overwhelming results by teaming up your party members. Chrono Trigger invented the concept of a "New Game +" in which, after completing the story and the credits roll, you can choose to restart the adventure with your characters intact. The trigger also offers to offer tons of different ending sequences, depending on the choices you will make while playing.

Best Emulator for Chrono Trigger

You need to download SNES game emulator to run this game on your device. There are many SNES emulators present for the different operating system. For windows, you can download emulators such as ZSNES, SNES9x, BizHawk etc. For a MAC OS, you can use the SNES emulators like Bsnes, OpenEmu, SNES9x, etc. for android you can use RetroArch, SNES9x +.

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