Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

The best selling game in 1993 , where the characters from all Super Mario games are in one game.

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File Name: Super Mario All-Stars Super Mario World (USA).zip
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Year of release: 1993
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Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World ROM for SNES

Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World rereleased in 2020 on account of Nintendo Switch's 35th Anniversary. Super Mario All-Stars consists of remakes of four games Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: The lost levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. When these games are clubbed together with Super Mario World, they underwent a graphical and musical change. The graphic became more realistic and interactive. Super Mario World featured new aspects of Luigi. Yoshi, an egg-pooping dinosaur, made an entry; later became an all-time favourite character. This game has got 96 levels which consist of various mind-boggling aspects related to entry, exit and rides. The main characters of the game are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Bowser.

Game Plot


Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are vacationing in Dinosaur Land to recover from the hardships faced in Super Mario Bros. 3. Bowser, along with his kids, also crashed onto their airship in Dinosaur Land. Bowser and kids fled due to their defeat in Super Mario Bros. 3; vengeance set in; they took over the place. While Mario's group explore the jungle, Princess Peach is kidnapped. Mario's team, along with Yoshi, set to rescue her. 

Best Emulator for Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World ROM

The game was released on the Nintendo Switch console. To play the game on Pc, one needs an emulator—the best emulator in Snes9x.

The features of Snes9x are:

Some other emulators are ZSNES, Higan, Retroarch, Mednafen, SnesGT and BSNES.

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