Top 25 GBA ROM's (Editor's Choice 2018)

GBA stands for Game Boy Advance and it is a handheld game which is simply stunning. It was launched back in 2001 and it was sold in 82 million units. The model before was game Boy Color and successor is Game Boy DS. These games are developed by Nintendo and they are considered to be the best by many players. GBA ROMs are the next best thing. There are more than 1000 of them, but we made a list of 25 which deserve your full attention and definitely a long playing sessions.

25. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


In the Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow you will play the character of Soma. The year is 2035 and you should witness the first solar eclipse. Suddenly, you woke up in a strange castle and you must run for your life. There are enemies, which are monsters by the way on every corner and you must defeat or at least avoid all of them. Of course, there are additional features in the game as well.

As a player, you will have to consume the souls of the enemies. This gives you an opportunity to learn their skills and improve the capability of your character. But, there is a catch. You must escape the castle as soon as possible, or the evil will consume you. An interesting ability is to exchange the souls with your friends. However, you are going to need a Game Link cable. The last, but not least is the ability to use different weapons, with a unique set of firepower.

Download Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow ROM

24. Golden Sun: The Lost Age


This is a rare game and it may be difficult to find. All we know is that it costs more than any other and it is special. The game begins showing how the humanity made a huge progress by using alchemy. But, once that passed, the evil forces tried to take the control over the forbidden skills. Your role is to prevent that from happening. You and only you will have to win the control over 4 elements and to make the alchemy safe and protected from the evil forces we have mentioned already.

Making the game even more special is possible thanks to the Djinn bottles you will have to collect. Let’s just say that they are energized for your hero and they can be used to improve his capabilities. The game is originally designed for single players, but there is an option to play it with another player, using Game Link cable.

Download Golden Sun: The Lost Age ROM

23. Drill Dozer


Besides an interesting name, the game offers interesting gameplay, which is one of a kind actually. Your main mission will be to make a progress in the game. You will do it by drilling through almost anything and you will have to complete missions which are given to you all the time. An even more important element of the game is exploration. As the character, you will have to collect gears which will make the drill or the essence of the gameplay more powerful. And yes, you must do this, so you can defeat different bosses.

Playing the game you will be taken to the impressive world of the alternative presence or the future if you prefer. The end result of the game is unknown and you will need hours or better said days in order to complete it. On the other hand, the game is simple and easy to play and it allows you to relax and enjoy the gameplay as much as possible.

Download Drill Dozer ROM

22. Fire Emblem


Let’s imagine that you are the leader of the army which consists of supernatural and ordinary soldiers. Paladins, Pegasus’s soldiers and etc. Now let’s imagine that you don’t need your imagination to have all of that. The game we have here offers you all of that and so much more. It is known as Fire Emblem and it is a masterpiece. As we have mentioned, you will be the leader of the special and strong army which has one mission in mind, to defeat the evil forces and the Tower of Valni. As you progress, you will gain access to new and more powerful soldiers. Pegasus knights are definitely the most interesting of them all.

The soldiers you choose will make your army, so choose carefully. You have plenty of possibilities on your hands and each one is more important than the previous. All you have to know is that the game offers unique gameplay and it is a strategy-based development. There are plenty of information and many different strategies you will have to master. After all, you must defeat evil forces, so make your army as strong as possible. Also, don’t be afraid of trying any new strategy that can help you win the level and the game.

Download Fire Emblem ROM

21. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town


What if you like playing games that are not war-based and which are relaxing to the point where you will imagine yourself living in the game? Then the game here is just perfect. There are no wars no important missions which involve quests or similar actions. All you have to do is to plant plants, care of the animals and make a profit. Yes, the game is actually a free-play version and probably one of the most popular ROMs ever. Don’t think that there are no alternatives or features in the game. As a matter of fact, there are so many of them that you can’t list all of them.

As the main character, you will live a peaceful life in a countryside and your mission will be to grow crops and take care of the animals. As the result, you are going to make a profit. How well you play will be transferred into the profit you make. So, better players will make a higher profit. Some of the possibilities include the choice of the plants you want to grow, the animals you will keep on your farm and so on.

Download Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town ROM

20. Dr. Mario & Puzzle League


There is no need in describing the game in question. It is based on modern Tetris and it comes with simple controls. All you have to do is to match the pieces in the game and destroy the cubes as much as possible. The first levels are easy ones and the pieces will fall slowly, so you have a lot of time to see where you can place them. But, higher levels are more complicated and the pieces will fall faster and faster. A good thing is the fact you will develop your skills while playing at lower levels, so once you reach higher ones, you will be a professional.

The game was originally developed as a relaxation game which can be played while taking a bus, while sitting in a park or when you are waiting for someone. It’s because extremely popular and desirable, but at the same time, it became more than just a rival source. Players were able to compete by measuring their scores. All we know is that every single player who tried the game has been playing it for days or even weeks. And the best part, it cannot be completed.

Download Dr. Mario & Puzzle League ROM

19. Super Mario Advance 4


The world is conquered by wild kids and the only person who can stop them is Mario. But, he has the help of Luigi. There is no need to say anything more. The game is based on a simple principle. You will have to play the game in order to find all the hidden features and to explore all the possibilities. We will give you only a few glimpses. As the main character, you are free to fly, swim and jump across different obstacles, all in order to stop the wild kinds.

The game will require from you to collect different coins and badges in order to improve the capabilities of your character. Each one will make Mario or Luigi stronger and more power, therefore more capable to perform important tasks. Playing the game will reveal new levels, plenty of them as a matter of fact and each one is more complicated to complete than the one you have passed. There are bosses in the game as well and some are extremely difficult to defeat. It is another fast-paced load in details game for Game Boy Advance.

Download Super Mario Advance 4 ROM

18. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis


The main aim of the game is to solve the mystery of Ovis and to determine the true intentions of the Lodis Empire. Sounds simple and easy? Well, the game is all except that. It offers around 40 hours of playtime and it is capable of providing so much fun. Furthermore, you will like the fact the game has several possible endings and they are based on your gameplay. Don’t think that this is a complete-within-a-day game! All your skills like leadership and reaction will be tested until perfection and you are going to have hours and hours of time to perfect them. After all, the game is demanding, but rewarding at the same time.

An interesting fact is related to the origin and development of the game, but we won’t waste your time with the facts. The bottom line here is that the game requires dedication and hours of playtime, but at the same time it has plenty of details, you will advance through the game and you will reach one of many, possible endings. Even the graphics were radical back then, so this can be another advantage.

Download Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis ROM

17. Final Fantasy 6 Advance


Should we even describe the game we have here? For most of you, there is no need in wasting the time and words doing so. It is simply known as one of the best-selling and the most popular ROMs ever. The game is based on magic and two different words. As the player, your mission is to lead Terra and master new spells. Because there are two worlds in the game, you will experience some of the best-looking elements in the game. Of course, it has been popular among the players who want this sort of gameplay.

The next best thing is the ability to communicate and interact with other characters in the game. Combined, they offer you plenty of possibilities which cannot be defined. It is up to you to discover all of them and understand how the game actually works. Nowadays you have the possibility to try the game which is the base of the modern Final fantasy and see where and how it all started.

16. Mario Kart: Super Circuit


The Mario Kart: Super Circuit is another combination of the two things we all like, carting and Mario character. In the game, you will participate and hopefully win 40 races and 8 different challenges. And yes, you can play this game with your friends. Other things you will want to know is that this is fast-paced game and it is completely focused on the speed and the drive. There is no excess graphics nor details which will affect the gameplay. All you need is right in front of you. You have a cart car and Mario. For those who want something more, the game offers. You can choose between Grand Prix, where you will compete versus other drivers and Tome Challenge. Here you must complete a track by having the best time possible.

At the end of a day, the game is loaded with fun and interesting actions and modes. Mario must be first and the best driver in the game, so make sure you are able to meet this requirement. A nice addition is in the fact each track is completely different, so you will need different tactics and different skills. Of course, you will need a planet of time to perfect them and reach the level of a professional racing driver.

Download Mario Kart: Super Circuit ROM

15. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2


There is no other way than to say the Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 game is made for all of those who like skateboarding and for those who want to feel the energy which is obtained while performing stunts. Back when it was developed, the game was extremely popular and desirable, but an interesting thing is that even today it is desirable. There are extremely complicated levels and stuns to perform which are an obsession for some players.

In the game, players have one mission only. It is to become the best skateboarders as possible. Your job will be to complete and perform countless stuns and stuns with your skateboard. The ramps are all different and they will require skills in order to complete the game. We were impressed with the fact that there are more than 100 stunts to complete and each one is different and unique. There is no need to look for cheats and similar. All you need is your time and patience.

Download Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 ROM

14. Advance Wars 2


Here we have a game which is impressive and comes as the first choice for all of you who like strategy games. The main mission is to protect the Cosmos Land from the Black Hole Army. They are bad guys in the game and their sole purpose is to destroy other worlds. As the commander of the Cosmos Army, you will be able to use modern and sophisticated weapons. For example, you will be able to use Neotank. However, in order to reach that level, you will have to win the admiration of the commanders and to complete several missions perfectly.

There are two main features we find impressive. The first is a map editor. As the name suggests, you are free to develop or better said create maps where new battles will occur. The entire process is more than just simple and requires a few minutes of your time. On the other hand, it allows for the players to enjoy the better bond with the game and with the missions in the game. The second-best feature is the ability to play multiplayer mode. Gather with the friends and family and enjoy the game as much as possible.

13. Mega Man Zero


The game is actually well-explained by the title itself. All you have to know is that you will lead the character known as Zero, who is a friend of Mega Man. However, Zero was turned good by the Sigma Virus which also put him 100 years to sleep. Once he woke up, he realized that there are some things that must be done. You will complete a series of missions and quests, all in order to defeat your enemies and become the most powerful character in the game. In addition, you will also be able to find the source of the energy that will give you ultimate power.

There are a few things you have to know about the game. It is a fast-paced game which requires a fast reaction and plenty of skills. You will have to make dozens of the decision and make important choices within seconds. The actions and the possibilities of Zero are more than just different than you may have come across and they make the game different.

Download Mega Man Zero ROM

12. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


The Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was and it still is one of the most popular games of this kind. The reasons for that are massive. First of all, we have a great story, with plenty of details and a nice development. The characters or the people in the game will open an ancient tomb where they will release the old magic which will affect their kingdom. Now is your turn to fight the evil monsters and creatures and win. We mentioned monsters only, but there are mages, soldiers and many other creatures in the game.

Being able to advance in the game is the next best thing. However, we also liked the fact you can forge alliances with other clans and characters, all in order to defeat your enemy. What we find interesting is the fact game has certain rules. Make sure to memorize them or you will go to jail. In addition, we must add the fact that the game is turn-based meaning that you get a turn to inflict as much damage as possible to your enemy. Let’s also add that the game allows you to lead soldiers and the whole army. Here there are no ordinary soldiers, so we are looking at mages, monsters and etc.

Download Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ROM

11. Wario Land 4


The Wario Land 4 is one of the most appealing games of this kind. It is special in many different ways starting with the graphics. Considering when the game was developed, it has advanced graphics and it looks better than most other games of that time. The next main thing is the number of levels. There are 20 levels and each one is specifically developed to perfection. There is no need in telling you that the game is a huge source of fun and it is developed for single players only. There is no multiplayer option here.

As a game hero, you will have to complete countless puzzles, which require plenty of your time. But, they are fun to solve, so you will enjoy them as much as possible. All characters in the game are classic and well-known, so there is no need in mentioning them. We will also add that the hero will have to collect broken heart pieces and go through many, different transformations. They will stay kept as a secret, so try the game and discover.

Download Wario Land 4 ROM

10. Car Battler Joe


Nowadays we have Mad Max and fast and Furious games, but when the Game Boy Advance was popular the game in question was the huge hit. Basically, it is based on the ruined world of tomorrow where mafia and gangs live and control the world. All of them have one thing in common. They like car races which are tough and deadly. As the hero of the game, you will have to look for your father. According to the information you have, he is hanging with the deadliest gang of them all. The objective of the game is to find him. In order to do that, you will have to win races, upgrade your car and so much more.

The game allows for you to travel between cities and to talk with different people. All in order to complete missions and find your father. Sounds impressive? And it truly is. The game is loaded with the advantages and benefits which are even surprising for today’s standard. Yes, cars are small and probably not what you have in mind, but in a nutshell, the game offers a lot of fun and impressive moments which must be taken into consideration.

Download Car Battler Joe ROM

9. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror


For the game in question, we have only positive things to say. It is one of the best and definitely the most popular games of this kind and as such, it must be at least tried. As the player of the game, you will lead a character through the series of levels which must be completed perfectly. You have the ability to mimic or copy others. This is the upgraded version of the base game, so it truly comes with a lot of advantages. The levels are well-developed and there are plenty of action.

The main features include the ability to play single player or with your friends. All you have to do is to team up with your friends and enjoy the game. The next main advantage is the ability to literally call the help! Use the phone in the game to get help from your friends. We obviously must mention that the game comes with sub-games such as Speed Eaters and Crackity Hack. Some of the copying abilities include the well-known Cupid and Smash. Take your time in mastering the game and you will have all the fun you can get.

8. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a puzzle-based game of the most impressive story. You will enjoy playing it and you will want to collect all the keystones as possible. They are the second main thing in the game. By collecting them you will be able to unlock additional levels, new characters and so much more. Of course, you will have to complete a series of tasks and challenges as well. Make sure to turn on your brain while playing this game. We must add that the story is present through the entire game. Each puzzle and every single action will be explained and will provide plenty of information, which helps gamers stay in the game.

When it was launched, the game was extremely popular and it offered a unique and back then special gameplay. Of course, it is still an impressive piece of development which offers plenty of advantages and more importantly, offers you the ability to advance. For some of you, it may be the most complicated game ever, but this is precisely what makes it stand out from the crowd and the main reasons why there is a massive community playing the game even today.

Download The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ROM

7. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga


The game is based on Mario, Luigi, and Princess each. In the game, an evil creature has captured the princes and replaced the voice with explosives. Your mission is to find that evil and defeat it. There are some additional facts you will want to know. Although the game is known as Mario and Luigi, it offers you the ability to obviously choose one of the two characters but also to control both of them at the same time. This is useful when you need powerful combos and moves. It is one of a kind feature and it is specific to the game in question only.

The game is filled with information, possibilities and it allows you to explore the interesting and unique world, all in order to save the princess and defeat the evil. Due to nature, we can see here, the game is more demanding than similar developments which involve Mario and Luigi. Of course, the main reason for that is explosive which is all around you, so you must stay careful at all times. Other things you will want to know to include a high number of levels, superb graphics, and sound effects.

Download Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga ROM

6. Astro Boy: The Omega Factor


We can invest hours and hours of our time in describing this game but you can play it and discover all the main features all by yourself. At the moment, all we can say is that the game is 3D based piece of development and it is capable of meeting the highest requirements by all possible players. There are advanced elements of the game as well, such as impressive abilities of the main character. All actions and reactions are presented to you in 3D so the list of advantages is more than just long.

The Astro Boy has 7 abilities as you shall see and each one has its specific set of benefits. You will need all 7 of them and so much more if you are planning to defeat some of the strongest bosses seen in the GBA game library. And yes, you will have a lot of fun until the moment you start playing the game, till the very end. In essence, this is a game to try and play if you want something extraordinary.

Download Astro Boy: The Omega Factor ROM

5. Metroid Fusion


The game is based on the Samus Aran character who will fight aliens or better said parasites on the ship. The parasites will infect other passengers and they will replicate as soon as possible. His main goal is to defeat all of them before it’s too late. He uses a wide set of weapons and he will be able to find new weapons through the game. The second thing he will use is his abilities. Collect X in the game to help him learn new abilities.

The game is intense and loaded with details and plenty of shooting. You will have to defeat all the parasites and secure the ship. It is definitely simpler than interesting. The game is highly desirable for all players who want to play a game located in the future. Obviously, you have a wide set of possibilities and weapons to choose from and you will spend hours in upgrading the character and helping him defeat the source of the parasite.

Download Metroid Fusion ROM

4. Mario Golf: Advance Tour


Here we have a combination of golf and Super Mario. Obviously, the game is advertised back then as the best way to have a lot of fun on the golf course. You will be able to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach and even Donkey Kong. The games you will play are based on 18 holes. The graphics are highly desirable and appealing and the overall effects are impressive. Back then when this game was released, it was one of the most popular for Game Boy Advance.

The main element of the game can be related to the specific abilities of each character. The goal is to pass different obstacles such as sand traps, high grass and etc. Power-ups are used to help you and they are unique to each character. Completing the parts of the game allows you to unlock secret characters (we won’t reveal who they are) and also additional courses. The game is relatively easy to play, but it does require plenty of patience and skills. You will have tons of fun during the entire gameplay and you will appreciate the time you have invested, especially when you unlock one of the hidden characters.

Download Mario Golf: Advance Tour ROM

3. Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand


As the title suggests the Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand game is based on the sunlight. The hero will use a solar gun which requires sunlight to be used, obviously. When the sunlight is strong, the charging time is reduced. When the sunlight is low, you will need more time to reload it. The main story of the game is more than just interesting. Humans have forgotten about the sunlight and they were turned into undead creatures. The Boktai is a hero of the game and his main role is to destroy all the undead and the bosses.

The story of the game is well-explained and detailed. All players will appreciate the possibilities in the game and the unique aspect of how it works. As such, this is a must try game and chances are high that you will be playing the game for a longer period of time. There is no need in telling you that the game is a huge source of fun and it is highly desirable. An interesting advantage is a clock which changes the game interface, between daylight and night.

Download Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand ROM

2. WarioWare


The WarioWare is one of the best games you can play due to the obvious fact. In the game, you have the ability to play other games. Let’s us explain all of this a bit better. Wario decided to start a company which will develop new games. As such, he needs a game tester, someone who will play the games and find any possible flaws. Guess who gets the job? That’s correct, you will be responsible for every single game and you will have to complete a series of fast-paced tests. If you like shooting games, strategy games or something else this is the game for you. It simply offers you the ability to play all possible game types.

Even today this game stays appreciated and highly desirable. It is probably one of a kind and chances are low that you will ever be able to see another game of the same type. Of course, there are some requirements. You must test each game carefully and to the point. You must pay a close attention to the games which are available for you at any given moment and you must do all of that so Wario gets a successful game and makes some profit.

Download WarioWare ROM

1. Pokémon Ruby


Should we even try and tell you why this is so popular and the best game here? Probably no. While playing the game, you will have a wide set of choices to try and enjoy. Let’s start by telling you that there are 200 pokemons in the game and each one can be yours. There are additional 100 species to train and use. This version also brings you a different and improved way of battles, so now you can enjoy even more. Your mission is to capture a Pokemon, train him and develop his skills. There are countless possibilities, as you probably already know.

We mentioned the Ruby version, but there are other versions of the game as well. All are based on the same principle, but the main aspect of the game is simple. This is also the first version of the game in question, so it is a nice place to begin. Keep in mind that you should try all possible pokemons in order to find the one that matches your skills the most.

Download Pokémon Ruby ROM

The Final Word

Here was the list of the best and definitely the most popular Game Boy Advance ROMs ever developed. Keep in mind that there are more than 1000 ROMs out there, so finding the one that is just perfect for you is more than just a complicated task. Luckily we are here to help you. Each ROM from the list has been tested. We used different sources in order to obtain the data regarding the actual popularity of the game, but at the end of a day, it is up to your personal preference to choose the best one. All of them are highly appealing and desirable, but all of them are unique as well. In the end, all we can say is take your time and discover the game from the list which has all elements you will ever need.